49ers vs. Jets Preview: Q&A With Fan Website The Jet Press

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In the 49ers week four contest against the New York Jets, San Francisco is looking to show last Sunday’s loss was just a fluke and they are better team than they showed against the Vikings.  With shutdown cornerback Darrelle Revis out for the season the task will be a little easier, but the Jets are a team the 49ers should not take lightly.  The Jets will have home field advantage and the fans will be loud as both teams are trying to avoid finishing 2-2 in the season’s first four games.

To preview the 49ers vs. Jets game, Niner Noise teamed with fan website The Jet Press and their Editor Alan Schechter for a Q&A.  Below are their answers about the game and after the jump you can find our answers.  Enjoy and go 49ers!

Q.  How big of an impact did losing Darrelle Revis have on the team and coaching staff?  Are fans still thinking playoffs?

A.  You should have seen coach Ryan on Monday when gave us the news.  It looked like he had lost his best friend.  He looked mortified, but the coaching staff has moved ahead into “next man up” mode.  No time to get lost in the injury, they have to move on.  As far as the fans, mixed expectations, from thinking we will be OK, to the season being over.  How the secondary looks on Sunday will go a long way to answering fans’ questions.

Q.  Which defensive player needs to step up the most with Revis out for the season?

A.  It is a combination of two, Antonio Cromartie and Kyle Wilson.  Cromartie will step up into Darrelle’s position, and can get the job done if he concentrates all the time, and we don’t get, as the Jets staff calls it, “Bad Cro”.  Kyle Wilson has been an underachiever thus far in his career, but now, thrown into a starting role, will have to show us that he is worth the first round draft pick they spent on him.

Q.  Seeing the Jets rush defense ranked 28th in the NFL this season is unusual.  Is this an anomaly or are the Jets really that bad defending against the run?

A.  This is definitely an anomaly.  The reason they are ranked so low is poor tackling.  Other than the Pittsburgh game, the Jets have not been able to tackle anybody.  Heck, the Jets defense is a big reason that CJ Spiller went into last week as the NFL’s leading rusher.  Running backs are getting on the edge, and making Jets’ defenders miss.  This is definitely not characteristic of a Rex Ryan/Mike Pettine defense, and it is safe to assume that this will improve.  How much?  Time will tell.

Q.  Are Jets fans fully behind QB Mark Sanchez?  Is it only a matter of time before Tim Tebow starts at QB?

A.  Jets fans are split down the middle on Mark Sanchez.  He is loved by some, and wanted out the door by others.  He has not been consistent, as we all have seen, and many fans are getting tired of watching him, and want him out.  Those of us that love him, remember the 2 AFC title runs.  Those that don’t, think Tebow can be a spark plug.  As far as whether or not he is inevitably going to be the starter, I would have to say no.  I say that because we are almost through 1/4 of the season, and the Jets have not had him throw a pass.  The only reason for that has to be that they don’t trust him to do so.

Q.  Who do you think will win the game and why?

A.  I am going to hedge a little bit Eric.  If the Jets can get a couple of hits on Vernon Davis, and not let him roam free in the secondary, I think the Jets can edge out a close one.  If not, the Niners will win going away.


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