Lions vs 49ers: Q&A With Fan Website SideLion Report

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Sunday night’s big matchup between the Detroit Lions and San Francisco 49ers, and a 2-0 start, is only a day away Niner fans.  To preview the game, Niner Noise did a Q&A with Lions fan website SideLion Report with their Editor Zac Snyder.  Below is the Q&A, enjoy and go 49ers!

Q.  What was the main reason why QB Matthew Stafford threw 3 interceptions against the Rams last week?

A.  I really think it was a result of being overconfident and too amped up. Outside of those three throws he had a very good first half. The team was moving the ball through the air but just hit a wall because of those picks.  It was obviously something he was able to correct during the course of the game.

Q.  Will Calvin Johnson’s ankle injury be an issue for the passing game?

A.  No. His day off from practice was likely more a result of him being a player that really doesn’t need to practice than the ankle bothering him.

Q.  The team that wins the rushing battle will likely win the game.  What will be the key to the Lions defense stopping Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter?  With the 49ers one of the stingiest defenses against the run, what will be the key for Lions to run on the Niners?

A.  I’m not so sure the rushing battle will determine this one. That really isn’t what the Lions are all about. Sure, they want to be able to run when they want to but they don’t feel the need to force a balanced offensive attack. I’m perfectly fine conceding that the 49ers will run for more yards but I don’t think that means the Lions have no chance to win.  The Lions will need to contain Gore and Hunter and the key to that is for their defensive tackles to not allow themselves to be neutralized by the 49ers offensive line like they were last October. The Lions will pick their spots to run and could use the pass to set up the run’s effectiveness.

Q.  Are Lion fans worried about the secondary with CB Chris Houston and S Louis Delmas listed as doubtful for the game?

A.  They are definitely getting thin there and it is even worse than you stated now that Bill Bentley has been ruled out with a concussion. They could be without three starters in the secondary. That’s a huge concern.

Q.  Gives your prediction on the game…and what will happen in the postgame handshake.

A.  I think the Lions deserve more consideration in this game than they seem to be getting but I fully recognize it will be a difficult game to win. I’ll say 49ers 23, Lions 20. As for the handshake, it will go without incident. I understand while it has been a big topic but I was really surprised that media members in Detroit were still asking about it as the week went on. It really seems like a non-issue from everything I’ve seen from Schwartz and Harbaugh.


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