Way too Early First Round Grades

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17.   Cincinnati Bengals. A. Pick CB Dre Kirkpatrick. If it wasn’t for off-the-field issues he would have gone higher. This pick was obvious and fills their biggest need. Good move by the Bengals.


18.   San Diego Chargers.  A+. Pick DE Melvin Ingram. Chargers fans have to be happy, he could have gone top 10 and yet he falls all the way to 18. Chargers will be happy with this pick and maybe this can get them back to competing in the playoffs.


19.   Chicago Bears. C. Pick OLB Shea McClellin. The Bears could have moved down a few spots to get him. He will get that defense back on the right track, but with the offensive linemen left they could have improved the front for Cutler.


20.   Tennessee Titans. B-. Pick WR Kendall Wright. I like Wright, but I don’t think he is dominating. He had RGIII throwing to him in college, Locker/Hasselbeck will love it, but I think there will some drop-off. Overall it’s a good pick, Cleveland at 22 has to be disappointed.


21.   New England. A. Pick DE Chandler Jones. It’s about time, not only is it a miracle that the Patriots trade up in the first round, but they draft a defensive end. Great move.


22.   Cleveland Browns. F. Pick Brandon Weeden. I like Weeden, and I thought he would end up with Cleveland, but there are so many other needs for this team. Why on earth do you draft a 28 year old quarterback, when you aren’t close the next couple of years. He will be 32 before they are ready to make a run. It’s a shame they couldn’t get Kendall Wright with this pick, but get a playmaker. Stephon Hill would have been a better pick for them.


23.   Detroit Lions. A. Pick OT Riley Reiff. This is a good pick. They needed youth on the offensive line and they get the 2nd best tackle this late in the first round. They still need to get a corner, but I don’t blame them for passing on Janoris Jenkins who has too many red flags.


24.   Pittsburgh Steelers. A+. Pick G David DeCastro. Pittsburgh needed to improve the line for years and DeCastro teamed up with Pouncey will help keep the middle clean for Big Ben. It turns a weakness into a stronghold. They really wanted Hightower, but this is a better value pick.  


25.   New England. A. Pick ILB Dont’a Hightower. This is the type of player Bill Belichick loves. He is versatile and this really helps the front 7 on defense. I’m not sure they had to move up, but just by addressing the defense gets them an A. In fact there draft will be perfect if they spend every pick there.


26.   Houston Texans. B. Pick DE Whitney Mercilus. A very solid pick, he really was great only one year. Houston seems to always be drafting defensive ends, but they are a very solid team and expect them to be right near the top of the league. Only reason this isn’t an A is they didn’t get a WR to play opposite of Andre Johnson, who has had injuries the last couple of years.


27.   Cincinnati Bengals B-. Pick G Keith Ziegler. I wasn’t crazy about Ziegler that’s the reason for the grade. I’m glad the 49ers didn’t get him. He could turn out to be good, and he does fill a need so I can’t fault the Bengals too much for this pick. They could have gotten David DeCastro at 21 if they wanted a guard.


28.    Green Bay Packers. A-. Pick DE Nick Perry. They had to draft a pass rusher on defense, it was the reason they didn’t beat the Giants, they couldn’t get Eli off the field. I’m not sure he was the best player left for the role, Courtney Upshaw is a better player on the field, but this is the area Nick Perry was expected to go.


29.   Minnesota Vikings. C. S Harrison Smith. They didn’t have to jump in front of the 49ers for this pick. This was the type of trade I wanted the 49ers to make by trading down, but I won’t complain. The Vikings really helped both sides of the ball; Janoris Jenkins would have been a better player for this pick.


30.   San Francisco 49ers. C+. WR A.J. Jenkins. I will try and hold judgment until he hits the field. If we were going WR why not take the chance on Hill or even give this pick up for Mike Wallace of the Steelers? Sure receiver was a need, but we could have picked up a 4th rounder by trading down from here and still landed him.


31.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers. B+. RB Doug Martin. They wanted Richardson and couldn’t land him. They obviously wanted a running back and they ended up with the second best one. They had to move up to get him, and they really didn’t give up much to get him. Not too much difference between running backs 2-4, but he was slightly better.  


32.   New York Giants. B. RB David Wilson. Can’t be surprised by the Giants going with a running back at with this pick. It was one of their weakest positions and they really needed to add depth.


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