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Dear Kyle Williams, I Still Hate You, And It's Still Your Fault

Call me petty, call me childish, call me a jerk, I couldn’t care less.  Kyle Williams, I want nothing more than your release from the San Francisco 49ers I love so much.  You ruined this great franchises chance at a sixth superbowl.  In wake of all this Peyton Manning, Alex Smith, Colin Kaepernick, who the eff is going to be our quarterback mess.  I’m reminded of you, I can’t get the images of your stupid mistakes in the return game that costs us a Superbowl birth.

Many, probably most fans have moved on.  Some have even started to put the blame on Alex Smith or the offense for not scoring more points or moving the ball more effectively.  But the bottom line is this, if you did your job even one of those two God awful fumbles you committed, the 49ers win, plain and simple.  As much as I didn’t want to, I watched the big game, as a football fan, I had to.  Even though my 49ers weren’t on the field as they should have been.  I watched, and that made it worse, because I watched two teams I know SF is superior against, fight it out for the crown, and I’m still mad about it.

I’m not as childish as you might think, for a while, I moved on.  I focused on the 49ers Draft and Free Agency needs.  The Manning sweepstakes was a nice little distraction.  But now that it’s all over and we’re in this weird slow dance with Alex Smith my mind continues to drift back to Kyle Williams and his boneheaded plays.  Think about it, if Williams wouldn’t have fumbled our chance at the title away, do you think we would be where we are now?  I’ll answer that for you since it was rhetorical anyway, no we wouldn’t be here.  We probably wouldn’t have entered the Manning sweepstakes and Smith would be signed up for at least three more years already and the drama surrounding our beloved franchise would be non-existent.

Thanks a lot Kyle Williams, next time you wonder who the 49ers starting QB is going to be next season, think about this.  If not for you, you would have the answer to that already.  And you would also have a nice big shiny ring on your finger.  But you don’t, and neither does any of your 49er teammates.  For these reasons Kyle Williams I still hate you, and it’s still all your fault.

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  • matteo112304

    @49ersbuzztap it’s still funny how people act like he did it on purpose. U don’t think he wanted to win? Get over it! It wasn’t meant to be

  • ri_barnes

    @49ersbuzztap he choked twice!……don’t want him on my team did it once, he’ll do it again!

  • RosetteHapgood7

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  • willfoxii

    @49ersbuzztap I’m so glad you are perfect and never make mistakes by showing your hatred for @KyleWilliams_10 #growup&moveon

  • cardiacgirl10

    @49ersbuzztap. Lets focus on this upcoming season. Leave the guy alone….what happened is past…go Niner’s 2012!

  • oldskool9er

    I hate kyle willams too…I poured so much energy into that game and for him to lose it for us..go to chicago and ruin the clubs

  • 9RG1RL

    We made it to the NFC champ game as a team, we lost as a team. The good news is the team is still together and ready to make another run at it! GO NINERS! FOREVER FAITHFUL!

  • JonnyWhy49

    @49ersbuzztap Do you still hate Preston Riley and Roger Craig and blame them too? GET OVER IT!

  • KIH Matt

    we didn’t really lose as a team.  minus those two scores KW gave them and it’s all his fault

  • KIH Matt

    With Moss, Manningham, Crabs hopefully we get Ginn back and a WR or 2 in the draft and we cut or trade his a$$

  • D3XX

    Our offense was kaka that game anyway