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Moss is Going to be the Only Big Name Signing

The signing of WR Randy Moss became official Tuesday along with the start of free agency. I don’t expect any other big name signings when it comes to this team, if there is anything this front office has shown, it’s the ability to not overpay in free agency. Be thankful for this, no team wins a championship by overpaying players. If it were the case, the Redskins would have more championships than every other team combined. Speaking of the Redskins, they signed WR Pierre Garcon to a 5 year, 42.5 million dollar contract. Oh by the way they just signed WR Josh Morgan  from us and are still looking to add WR Eddie Royal to the mix.

With the loss of Josh Morgan and the fact that Ted Ginn Jr. hasn’t resigned, expect the 49ers to take a kick return/burner type in the draft.  If Moss can stretch the field and Michael Crabtree can work the short to intermediate routes, the only thing needed is a slot guy that can be groomed. It seems everyone else in free agency comes at too big of a price or are simply too old. The 49ers are a young team, you can get away with adding 1 older veteran to a position but adding another would be futile.

I would have liked to have seen the Niners get in the running for Brandon Marshall. While he wasn’t a free agent the Bears were able to make a trade with the Dolphins for him. They had to give up 2 3rd round pcks to acquire the standout WR, but that seems low for a guy that produces the way he does.


Interest Growing at the Cornerback Position

We thought Carlos Rogers would be back in red and gold next year. That looks meek now as free agency in upon us. The 49ers have reached out to cornerbacks Brandon Carr and Eric Wright. Brandon Carr seems luxurious and I think will be too big of a price tag for the Niners taste. Eric Wright I find interesting. He isn’t a big name but at only 26 he is coming off a year where he racked up 4 interceptions and 74 tackles for the Detroit Lions. I think the Niners find a way to grab this kid who is 5 years younger than Carlos Rogers and is just hitting the prime of his career.  


Close To resigning Alex Smith

According to reports QB Alex Smith is close to resigning with the Niners. This isn’t surprising, but it is worth noting for those that think Peyton Manning is still a possibility. Once Smith resigns a lot of 49er fans will be at ease, including myself. For all he was able to accomplish last year, I expect him to have his best season yet.  

Once again its free agency, the big winner last year were the Eagles and they didn’t make the playoffs.  This year the Redskins are making all the moves, but will they pay off? Not sure, but I do know I trust our front office to make the right moves to put us in position to win. I just don’t expect big names.


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  • Mikehart8

    so much for Carlos Rogers not resigning. I wonder now if Wright is still an option. I figured they wooul have gottenthe deall done yesterday or he was going to test free agency.

  • KIH Matt

    no Wright just signed w/the Bucs.  With Rogers/Perrish Cox and Brock resigned the 49ers are done w/CB.  I think we still sign one more “big name” and I think it’s going to be another WR.  Moss is a flyer and we won’t count on him.  I think Manningham, Lloyd or Robinson could come tomorrow.  With Leonard Davis signing today to be our next RG

  • Mikehart8

    Yea I think wright would have been a Niner had Rogers not resigned. I think it’s hard to convince a young receiver to come play here with the style of offense. When we haven’t had a 1000 yard receiver in nearly a decade, means its hard for a guy to get paid for his next contract. Best we can offer is a good chance at a ring.