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Should the 49ers Draft a Running Back?

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Yes, the glaring obvious position of need for the 49ers is a wide receiver but with the 30th pick the top-5 at the position could be gone. Of course the GM and Coaching Staff will give us the top player on the board but that is a board that no one outside the organization gets to see. The mock drafts are just about worthless past the first 10 picks as everyone looks at talent and needs differently. Most have the 49ers taking Mohamed Sanu or Alshon Jeffery. Both seem to be good receivers and I look forward to seeing them at the combine, but based on what I have read and seen from these players I am more and more convinced neither will be the choice. Most WRs that make an impact have been drafted very early and have a very large buzz surrounding them. Then there are the guys drafted from small schools late in the draft that shock the NFL scouts and make some look like geniuses. Meanwhile the late first-round through third-round WRs are usually just good players and make a nice 2nd or 3rd WR but rarely a number 1. So looking elsewhere with the 30th pick could be more fruitful for the 49ers.

Most mock drafts so far have only 2 RBs going in the 1st round leaving some very good talent available to the 49ers at the position. Lamar Miller and David Wilson could be available with the 30th pick. While Kendall Hunter did a fantastic job coming in, and Anthony Dixon did not, having three solid running backs would give the 49ers some insurance from injuries. Both Miller and Wilson are coming out early and had great seasons last year. The combine will give both these running backs the opportunity to earn their way into the first-round. Should the 49ers choose to go the way of the top guy on the board a RB might just be the choice. Let me know what guys you are targeting for the 49ers to draft with the 30th pick in the comments section.


By Mike Zamora

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  • sugarbery10

    @49ersbuzztap noooo already have gore and hunter need a back up for smith

  • GlenTernes

    @49ersbuzztap no, Gore, Dixon, Miller, Hunter. A very tall, sure handed receiver, that is what we need.

  • sammyloks2008

    @49ersbuzztap no!!!

  • stanniner

    Hell no, no rnning back! kndall hunter needs a chance to play, safety, cornerback or wide receiver or best option of all get peyton manning

  • stanniner

    kaepernick is a good enough backup we dont need a back up, we need peyton manning

  • matt hamm


    I don’t like a RB high but a 4th or 5th rounder to replace Dixon is a good idea

  • DominicParnell

    what is wrong with you people, you want to over pay for an over the hill and may be to injuried to play QB in Peyton when alex just brought us to a 13-3 record. that is why you are fans and not working for an NFL team….alex is a great QB and just needs a few more tools to work with, get us a WR deep threat WR with some hands or a true cover corner cuz brown got burnt to much for my taste. but to give up so much for a QB that has 2-3 years left is retarded…go alex the true niner fans love ya

  • stanniner

    Wrong! There is no truer 9er fan than me. I watched every minute of every game and been a fan since 1981. Alex had a decent year, but has had 7 terrible ones. With team that we have, Peyton Manning will lead usto the super bowl. He will make our receivers williams,morgan,walker,ginn,crabtree so much better. There will be nothing to give up. Indy will release him and even if we had to give something up , it would be worth it for the qb that will lead us back to the super bowl. Take off your rose colored glasses that you have been watching alex smith with. if we have to survive with alex, i will be there rooting for him, but this is a chance to get an all time great qb ,make the move 9ers, bring us Peyton Manning

  • Pannin4Gold

    No RB at least until the 4th round, we have a solid core. We need the obvious … a WR or preferably two through the draft or free agency, it needs to happen. CB is a huge need, hopefully we can resign Carlos and Goldson. As far as Peyton girs

  • Pannin4Gold

    No RB at least until the 4th round, we have a solid core. We need the obvious … a WR or preferably two through the draft or free agency, it needs to happen. CB is a huge need, hopefully we can resign Carlos and Goldson. As far as Peyton goes, as an organization u all know we aren’t going to spend the money on him. I love the guy, but its not worth it. Build around Alex, yes he’s had a lot of bad years, but he has shown that he can perform with the right coach and the right system. Give him some weapons and expand the offense.

  • Pannin4Gold

    My bad on the first post.

  • Cuttalott

    With the money we would have to pay Peyton, we can have Vincent Jackson and Reggie Wayne!!! Can you imagine Alex Smith with Vincent Jackson, Reggie Wayne, and Crabtree in the slot playing like Victor Cruz… and then he’ll have the infamous Vernon Davis!!!!!!!!!! Man that is the dream, and we’d be the first team to win 3 straight!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sanfranchez

    I’m happy w/ Alex. We do need a receiver preferrably via free agency, I like Cilston. You say get a bac in the 4th round, ok name me one! We need to trade our 1st round to early 2nd round and get an extra pick. Then we get best available (take into consideration that we need a future center and backup at the guard position), maybe a cornerback, receiver or running back. I love Gore but the tread is wearing out and Kendall IS NOT an every down back, Dixon is a backup at best.

  • Sanfranchez


  • faithfulmeister

    I tend to think we’re settled at RB. Gore and Hunter can go 50-50 next year, save some wear on the treads. Won’t both get 1,000 yards, but maybe 500+ each. That wouldn’t be bad. In two years, we may want to give Hunter the job full-time, let Gore be a 3rd down back, maybe like L.T. Still believe we should hang on to Dixon for inside runs. We need to invest elsewhere first. Of our league-leading sacks taken total, maybe 1/3 were Alex’s fault, 1/3 the receivers’, and 1/3 the O-line’s. Gotta cut way down on the sacks before we do anything else.