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Now that the season is over and the 49ers came up just a tad
short of the Super Bowl I have been amazed at some of the actions of 49er fans
and the media. I for one was sorely disappointed with the loss this past
weekend but to get that far this season was truly amazing. This is the first
year in the last three that I did not feel the 49ers would win the division. In
seasons past I felt we had the talent to win the west and was often teased with
end of season win streaks or close loses that could have gone for us with a
play here or there. Coming into this season I felt we would compete but the
other teams had bolstered their rosters better than the 49ers that brought in a
new coach with no chance to prepare his team for the upcoming season. This season
was remarkable in many ways and should be looked at for how truly spectacular
it was. It’s the Joy in the photo above that 49er fans experienced this season and we will look forward to.

In the glorious history of the 49ers we the faithful are
spoiled with championships many seasons of consecutive playoff appearances and
some of the most memorable games in football history. A big THANK YOU goes to
the 49ers organization of 2011 for getting the 49ers back on top in such a
short period of time. You may disagree that 9 years between playoff appearances
is a short period of time but look at how many teams have no Super Bowls no
Championship appearances and still field teams that have little hope on the
horizon. What the 49ers did this year was a huge step forward and unlike some
teams that have had great seasons then fallen by way side don’t expect the
49ers to go anywhere but up. The team for the most part is young at all
positions and the players want to stay 49ers. I do believe Carlos Rodgers when
he says it’s not his priority to test the market but would like to stay with
the 49ers.  This kind of talk bodes well
for the possible landing of other free agents looking to join a Super Bowl

The media has been quick to replace Alex Smith with Peyton
Manning this would be the dumbest move ever and will not happen. Alex will be
the quarterback for this team for hopefully many years to come it was only in
week 10 when the 49ers started opening up the offense and as Jim Harbaugh says
it takes a couple years for a quarterback to learn the west coast offense and
about four years to master it. This will be the first time in Alex Smiths
career that he will go into a season with a coaching staff that believes he is
the guy and an offensive coordinator that has the imagination and skill set to
get the best out of Alex Smith. People seem to forget how long it took Peyton
to win his first Super Bowl and that the offense Peyton runs will probably not
be successful for a couple years with any team he goes to. Alex at 26 is a far
better choice for the future of the 49ers. So let’s stop all this nonsense and
focus of the real areas of concern. The 49ers need a solid wide receiver and
many free agents will be available should the 49ers go after a big name WR I am
hoping for Vincent Jackson or Marquis Colston with Dwaine Bowe coming in a
distant third. Yet with the approach the 49ers took this offseason they may
look for the free agent that comes at a better value which really did well for
them this year.

As 49er fans we should be thankful that for the first time
in many years we looked forward to football on Sundays. We were able to celebrate
wins had and played well in every single game till the end. It has been a long
time since any Niner fan has felt this way and it sure did feel good so let us
not dwell on what was but let us look forward to what is to come. Once again
THANK YOU SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS for such a great season and let’s get that next
Super Bowl Trophy.

By Mike Zamora

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