Dear Kyle Williams It's Still All Your Fault

Niner faithful it has taken me four full days to address you after that disgusting loss by Kyle Williams.  I told myself after a day or so that the anger and utter disappointment would fade.  It hasn’t, not even a little bit.  It’s all because of you Kyle.  I applaud the 49er players for coming to your side and not blaming just one person.  That’s what teammates do, they support one another.  It’s one of the reasons this team is special, we are together.  One more time “Who’s got it better than us?” “NOBODY!”.   But I’m not your teammate Kyle, I’m giving it to you straight, you blew it for all of us.  And no, I’m not one of the Twitter freaks that wanted you dead.  That’s insane, I do however want you cut from my team.

For those of you that are choosing to support Kyle, fans and writers alike.  I also applaud you, your taking the big boy/girl approach.  Whatever, let’s look at the facts, it’s Kyle’s fault we’re not still on our march for #6.  It’s a harsh world and I don’t care if it hurts little Kyle’s feelings.  The arguments are good, the team didn’t convert any third downs (the one at the end of regulation doesn’t count).  Other than the touchdown throws to Vernon Davis the passing game did nothing.  Those are both great arguments, they are also pretty obvious facts to anyone that watched the game.

But your all missing something else pretty obvious

What’s everybody missing?  The fact that it hasn’t mattered all year if the offense plays well or puts up a bunch of points.  Since when have the 49ers needed Alex Smith to win games?  It happened once, it’s not the norm, again, it happened once.  This team plays defense, they crush your running game down to nothing.  They create turnovers, and most importantly, Kyle, listen up, WE DON’T GIVE THE BALL AWAY.

The offense did what it normally does.  Ran the ball ok, scored some points, not a bunch but some, and protected the football.  Andy Lee booted 50+ yard punts and our defense stopped the opponent when we needed it. The fact that he let it happen twice, and in overtime of the NFC Championship game, is beyond stupid.  You all watched the reply, the ball hit him pretty squarely on his leg.  Why would you walk away from it?  And the one in OT?  Are you kidding me?  The way he was carrying the football is inexcusable.  Go watch how Kendall Hunter carries that ball when he approaches a defender.

I’m calling on Jim Harbaugh and Trent Baalke to release Kyle Williams.  The organization needs to resign Joshua Morgan and draft a couple of receivers.   Most importantly, bring Ted Ginn Jr back and make sure at least 2 players on the roster are capable of returning both punts and kicks.

Do you blame Kyle Williams for the loss to the Giants?

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