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In last week’s post I went out on a limb and predicted the Niners would BlOW OUT the NO Saints and for a quarter plus I was feeling real good about it. Well the Saints proved to be a team that failed to go down without a fight problem was the Niners had an opportunity to put the game away but for some reason decided to go away from the run game that was gaining big yards and throw the ball resulting in some drops and ultimately allowing the Saints to make it the game it was.  I also predicted the Packers would win the game against the Giants and the ones and twos would survive as seeded. What happened in Green Bay is key to why the Niners will win this week and go to the Super Bowl

Giants 37 Packers 20

If you’re like me and have been glued to any and all information that has been coming out of the media this week you have heard over and over how hot the Giants are. Why they beat the one loss Packers got revenge for a loss a few weeks ago and is getting all there players back healthy. You have also heard they have won four games straight and have momentum on their
side  the rain will only help the passing game and so on and so forth. From Giants fans they speak of how they beat the
Pack and the Refs and how this is the team that is like that of Super Bowls past what and eerily similar season.  Now
I ask, “Did you watch the game?”  The Packers do one thing well; they throw the ball they have been able to win with
no running game and defense all year why because they were absolutely horrible in this game.  Was it the play of the
Giants defense or Packers offense I would say a little of one and a lot of the other.  The dropped passes by the Packers
receivers were inexcusable they were open and at times with no defenders within five yards beyond that the play of the defense at the half and poor tackling what do you expect from the 31st ranked defense in the league they are bad. Add on top of a bad defense 4 turnovers and the refs really blew the one call and with that the Packers were finished.  Some of the analysts are in agreement that the Packers played a horrible game and then they say how hot the Giants are and pick them to win I am not buying it.  I will believe what others have said is that they pick the games because they are forced to by producers one even said he picks based on the opposite of public opinion and one based on who is the QB so as you can see I put little stock in
these analysts picks but more in the breakdown of the footage.  In my opinion the Packers lost this game due to poor play the Giants made a couple plays and played good football and I look forward to them coming to The Stick.

49ers 36 Saints 32

Unlike the media love of the Giants and the dominant beat down they put on the Packers the Niners win comes with questions and disbelief.   Unlike the Packers the Saints fought tooth and nail came back and took the lead twice in the game. The five turn overs the Niners according to the analysts failed to convert them into points and were unable to put the Saints away. Then the best question out of the game Alex Smith yes he did it but can he do it again?

First on the turnover side keep hearing that we did not capitalize what those turnovers did kept the Saints from scoring and took away possessions and time which was a big part of the final outcome. Had the Saints scored on the first drive the game may have gone differently? For Alex it’s not enough to come back twice in the fourth quarter in the biggest game of his career and 6 comebacks during the season. I understand the scrutiny but all quarterbacks have to win their first Superbowl.

Giants vs 49ers

We have all seen and read many articles on this game so I will make this quick and explain why the all pro kickers will be the main reason the 49ers win. I find it hard to believe that with the weather and the field position that very few have mentioned the kicking game and what it will mean in this game. Andy Lee and David Akers have been the best this season in the league giving the Niners field position and the ability to have confidence in kicking the long field goals that when missed put your team in a bind.  Points will be at a premium in this game and the kicker on the other side has problems just kicking off. The wind at the stick will be a factor Tynes the kicker for the Giants hits a ball that moves naturally with no wind while Akers
hits a very straight ball.  Lee will pin the Giants deep in their end and let the Faithful get loud a long field in the wind and mud will be a long tough track against a top defense.

My Prediction

For this game I am going to stick to the theme of kicking and with that the Giants will miss two field goals in this game giving field position to the Niners and the short field the Niners are afforded will be the difference in this one.

49ers 22 Giants 10


By Mike Zamora


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