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49er Fans It's Our Time!

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This had to be the longest week of my life.  Several times I dreamed of being Adam Sandler in that stupid movie with the magic remote so I could fast forward myself to Sunday.  I’m always excited for Sundays during the NFL season but I cannot remember ever being this excited, can any Niner fan?  Thinking back to the four of five 49er Super Bowl victories I’ve been alive to watch, they still don’t compare to this unbridled excitement coursing through my veins this time around.

Our last Superbowl was actually played in the NFC Championship game.  No AFC team was going to touch the Steve Young led Niners team that sported the leagues #1 offense and defense.  And the Joe Montana led 49ers of the 80’s forget about it!  Excited to win those games, brag to my friends and coworkers, buy the t-shirt, of course.  Running around like a mad man all week screaming random Niner Noise like “We beat the Saints!” “Superbowl is going through Candlestick baby!” to “Bring on the Giants!” or maybe “I don’t give a XXXX who we play!  NOBODY is stopping the Niners this year!!!!!”

This has been the most magical season up until this point, I’m convinced it’s the 49ers destiny to win it all.  I breakdown why after the break

Wet, muddy, slippery field: I’ve heard a ton of analyst say they think this favors the Giants passing game.  I’ve heard some logical arguments.  The Giants wide receivers will have the advantage against the Niner secondary since they can be more sure footed know where they are going and all.  I disagree, this favors the 49ers pass defense for one reason, the defensive line.  Aside from Aldon Smith the 49ers don’t have any fancy pass rushers.  Justin Smith knocks you over and bull rushes you, easy to push someone back in mud.  When the inside linebackers blitz it’s usually on a stunt up the gap after J.Smith occupies a second blocker.

49ers running game will control the clock: I expect the 49ers to run all over the Giants Sunday.  Most expect them to open it up again.  I expect to see a balanced, calculated game, full of Frank Gore inside power rushes.  The Giants line up their trio of outstanding defensive ends in odd formations far on the outside often.  I expect the 49ers to gut this approach with a heavy dose of running.  Remember, the 49ers beat this team without Gore last time.  Everybody talks about how hot NY is right now.  Well the Niners have a nice winning streak of their own going on right now and we won this match up last time.

Giants running game will be non existent: Yes NYs running game with Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs has improved vastly since our last meeting.  But I refuse to pay attention to that and I have a few reasons why.  Patrick Willis, Navarro Bowman, Justin Smith and the leagues best front seven at stopping the run.  The 49ers have shut down the run all year, and it’s been cracking me up all week listening to people talk about the Giants actually having success on the ground against us.

Controlling the clock by shutting down the NY running game and having success on the ground on offense will force the Giants to go pass happy.  Anybody catch how that worked out for New Orleans?  Trust me 49er fans, I’m writing a column about the 49ers going to the Superbowl on Sunday, and it’s coming right after the game ends.  Count on it!

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