Hamm's 49ers Pigskins Of The Week: Playoff Edition

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What a game!  The 49ers make not one, but two comebacks against the Saints.  Alex Smith and Vernon Davis have the games of their lives, and the moment of their lives, at the exact same time.  Pure Forty Niner magic in Candlestick and I felt like a kid again!  The defense and special teams were INSANE against the high powered New Orleans team.  Causing five total turnovers with Terrell Brown and Dashon Goldson each picking off a Drew Brees pass.

Patrick Willis came up with the football after Donte Whitner delivered a punishing blow to Pierre Thomas. The Special teams did work with 2 fumble recoveries of their own.  And of course, the D did what they always do, they absolutely shut down the run, holding the Saints to just 37 yards rushing on the day.

So many big time performances, so few of my Pigskins to give out.  I’m passing out the hardware after the jump

Hamm’s Offensive Pigskin of the Week: I’m cheating here Niner Noise faithful and I don’t feel a bit of shame about it.  Alex Smith and Vernon Davis both get their own Hamm’s Pigskin Award this week for their illustrious performances against New Orleans today.  I mean look at VD!  7 catches, 5 of them for deep, 180 yards, 2 TDs, and one, very, very big TD catch.  “The Grab” is what Vernon wants this catch coined and I have to admit, I kinda like it.  And you’ve got to give it to Alex on that play just as much as VD.  The moxy it took to step up, throw that football in traffic with 2 linebackers, a safety directly on the intended receiver, and another in the vicinity.  That was one of the biggest throws in 49er history.  Montana to Clark “The Catch” ,Montana to Taylor “Why doesn’t this have a nickname?”, Young to Owens “The Catch II” , Smith to Davis “The Grab”.   And I can’t talk about Alex today without talking about that out of this world, greatest play call, and execution of my life, QB bootleg, out of nowhere, 28 yard TD run.  WOW, how many spectacular plays did Alex make today?  Somebody just made himself a bunch of money.  Congrats Alex and Vernon, Eric and I will be personally delivering these to you this week at practice. 

Hamm’s Defensive Pigskin of the Week: Dashon Goldson and Donte Whitner, we’ve established that I don’t care that I’m cheating this week right?  Ok, moving along, Whitner set the tone for the entire game with his, bone crushing, sit your a@# down, your injured for the game boy, yeah you better fumble that football little man, hit he put on Pierre Thomas.  As for Dashon Goldson, a huge INT that he took back nearly 50 yards to the 49ers 4 yard line.  Oh and not to mention he had a game high 11 tackles, including a few neck crackers of his own.  Hey Mike, yeah man, sorry, we need you to go back up into the attic and get us the whole box of Pigskins man. 

Hamm’s Random Pigskin of the Week: This week’s random Hamm’s Pigskin of the Week goes to the 49ers coaching staff.  Jim Harbaugh, you took a talented, yet misdirected, 6-10 team with no playoff experience and a QB nobody believed in to a 14-3 team heading into the NFC Championship game.  Thank you.  Greg Roman, your a genius man, I don’t know what else to say, when we needed a money call, you made it.  Vic Fangio, you made this D you own, already talented, they are now dangerous.  A swarming, hard hitting, unforgiving, group of pure speed, talent and thanks to you, execution and technique. 

Brad Seely, your special teams are the best in the NFL.  Not only do we have the best kicker and punter, we have a great return group.  Most of all, we have the best coverage group, a passionate, swarming, hard nosed group of young and veteran players that play ST at 110%.  You are a huge reason the 49ers are victors today.  And to all the assiststants I’m not mentioning by name, keep up the good work, each and every 49er unit played great football today.  Yeah guys, we got your Pigskins with us also every single one of you, is getting a one.  Load up the Niner Noise van Eric, better yet, get one of the new guys on it. 

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