Niners vs Saints Fans: Game On

Just being a Fan the intensity goes way up for the playoffs as well. This weekend at the local Sports Bar the terrible towels were out, the eye black stickers, jerseys of players past and present, guys in shoulder pads, girls screaming about whatever, and then there are the fans of teams that failed to make it talking as much smack as they can to the fans of teams they want to lose. Had to really suck being a Steeler fan this weekend as almost all fans of other teams seem to be rooting for Tebow and they were in full force. I of course was immune to this weekend as were all Niner Fans as most were still excited about there team winning and letting it soak in. But everywhere I go its WHO DAT and the Saints are too strong on offense and Niners are done. Alex is a joke. I am sure you have all heard that and much more.

Niners fans in my town, and there are a lot of them, tend to smile and seem to have a quiet confidence about them. That does not mean words and stats are not flying out of their mouths because they are with reckless abandon, but Niner fan to Niner fan the quiet confidence is flowing. So why are Niners fans confident about this game? It’s the fact that we have watched every snap and seen how this team fights week in and week out. We know how good the Niners are and that other fans spouting off the stats they can think of or make up and they try to back it up with the Niners are in the worst division there record is not against good teams. What they fail to get past is that this division is not the NFC Worst anymore just look at the records and the schedules. The fans are blowing up the web and commenting on every posting they can and I have battled back and fourth with fans on sites for years but being in the playoffs really took it up a notch. The stats and reasons for why this team will beat that team are all over the place and then you get the I know this guy who plays for this team and they said ‘blah blah blah’. I have to admit it is quite entertaining to read back a few pages  and see where the c0nversations have been going.

First the more knowledgeable fans will often use stats to prove their point and there are plenty. With two QB rating systems, percentages for every down, passes of certain lengths in all situations, rankings 1-32 in every category you can think of. Some will go through the experiences of the players, draft order, who came over from the other team, what coaches have had success against the opposing team and anything else they can come up with to win the battle of the smack board.

The next group feeds off of articles written by the media cutting and pasting what they feel is relevant to their point. Then they feel that the article they posted by the media source they got it from is always correct even though you can find plenty of other articles refuting the point of the other guy. This is where the stat experts come firing back with stat after stat picking it apart until they have been convinced to look for new material.

Then you have the trouble makers fans that just watch their football team and believe their team is the greatest thing in the world. They never lose, they only beat themselves and if they just play half way decent they can’t be beat. The comments from these fans tends to be the most idiotic and often gets them kicked off the sites so they create a new name every hour or so and announce they have returned only to be shut down again. While the one thing about this group is they are the hardest to get rid of, no argument no matter how well thought out and no matter how much support it has, they will always have the last word and bring up some crazy past win that means nothing to today’s teams to make themselves feel better.  This is usually when the others have to get back to work or turn in for the night because they can’t handle the morons on the other end of  the keyboard.

So now were back to that quiet confidence I spoke of earlier. Fan to fan the looks that are exchanged show no fear of a Saints team coming to San Francisco. Once the game starts stats mean nothing, opinions mean nothing, Saints fans mean nothing, because the only thing that can be heard at that point is the 49er Faithful louder and prouder then ever.

Go Niners

by Mike Zamora



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