49ers Playoffs Seeds Are Set

What a disappointment I had the playoffs set the way I felt would work out best and the Lions couldn’t beat a team with nothing to play for resting prominent starters. Yes the Lions drove up and down the field put points on the board like crazy but so did the second teamers for the Packers. What happened to the Lions front seven they were boasting about after the draft having contests for nicknames  hey I have one ” The No Good Thugs” after watching film on these guys they have done little to impress. Its no wonder the 49ers are preparing for the Saints this game may be over by half time then the thugs will get to work destroying any chance they may have at a comeback with stupid penalties.  Well once that game was over no way the Falcons were going to fall and they just absolutely lite up the Bucs what a waste of a game that was. Then there was the play in game and as I predicted the Cowboys lost they hardly put up a fight to be honest and for that I am happy Mr Jones runs that organization in to the ground he hasn’t realized and may never that his team is not as good as he believes he gets love from the media and they keep trying to convince everyone the Cowboys are a Super Bowl caliber team and they do nothing to make the team better except add a couple draft picks. If they had a general manager he would be fired oh that’s you Mr Jones keep up the good work. So Now that the playoffs are set lets take a look.


Detroit vs New Orleans

After just watching the replay of this game more and more I believe the Lions have a very small chance of winning. First off the Lions have not been able to stop any high powered offense all season constantly giving up 25 plus points a game. The big problem here is the Lions get behind and then try to comeback, in several games this year the Lions at one point were down by double digits early in the game then try to rally to come back and in many cases they did but against  a team like the Saints you get down your done. In all three loses for the Saints the winning team jumped out to an early lead forced the Saints def to stay on the field  ran the ball and put a lot of pressure on Drew Brees. Are the Lions capable of such a feat yes but don’t count on it the teams the lions did this to were not very good on offense the one bright spot would be the Charger game but they have there own issues and that game was in Detroit. The key moment in this game will be what happens on the final drive before the half. The Saints have been unstoppable in this situation and putting big play touchdowns on the board not field goals. Mike Smith the coach of the Falcons puts that drive as a top priority if you want a chance to win and they got burned for a touchdown.  So you want to stop the Saints run the ball, pressure Brees, score early, and stop the 2 min drive before the half. Both the Rams and Bucs were successful. So what is the big reason the Lions will have a hard time succeeding discipline and a run game simple as that. If the Lions pull this out it will be due to a lot of big plays and missed tackles.

Prediction New Orleans 38  Detroit  20


Atlanta vs New York

This has got to be the game of the weekend because both teams have a good shot of winning this game it just depends who shows up and hopefully they both do.  These teams have been very inconsistent this year losing games they should win and not just losing but just come out and play bad.  How does Atlanta lose to a third string QB with a shot at a division title and the Giants lose twice to the Redskins and once when they are in control of the division. Those just two examples of an up and down year but when they are up they can compete with the best in the league. I would assume they both will show up and put on the best game of the weekend. For Atlanta the keys to this game will be getting Michael Turner running the ball to keep the pass rush from getting to Matt Ryan.  On defense they will need to tackle to stop the run and keep Victor Cruz from gaining yards after the catch.  The Giants key to the game is to not get burned deep as they did in the Dallas game containing Julio Jones and Roddy White will be a difficult task for the Giants.  On offense convert third downs the Falcon defense is not the greatest and John Abraham is the biggest threat keep that unit on the field as long as possible pounding them with your running game.

Prediction New York 28 Atlanta 27

49ers will be enjoying the games as they prepare for the Saints. It is good to see that Ted Ginn Jr and Kevin Williams are back in action and I would not count out Delanie Walker either I have seen some hockey players come back rather quickly from a fractured jaw, just saying.  So far I have only heard one analyst pick the Niners to go to the Super Bowl which is one more than I expected. It is going to be a tough road now as I felt the Falcons had the best chance against the Saints. But should the Niners get to the Super Bowl through the Saints and Packers they would have to be the favorite.

The Packers also will enjoy the bye and roll into the playoffs very healthy I am sure they are preparing for the winner of the Falcons Giants game and since the only team in the playoffs they have not played is the Niners I would expect some light work done there as well.

By Mike Zamora


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