Is there a Place for T.O. on the 49ers?

With the 49ers receiving corps in bad shape it isn’t hard to speculate on possible additions to the team. Tragically some players are off the table that Jim had try out last time we had an opening. However like hang nail, one name keeps painfully coming up in the background that simply cannot be ignored altogether. Still eagerly waiting by the phone Terrell Owens and his agent Drew Rosenhaus inevitably join the discussion. At the moment I don’t think there is any conversation between the 49ers and T.O. Jim Harbaugh made it clear during an interview on December 28th when he was asked if there was any “…interest in adding Terrell Owens or looking into that aspect?” Jim replied “…we don’t comment on specific players. We talk about 49ers.”

The question eventually boils down to the heart of the mater, and that is should the 49ers even think about T.O.? Any dedicated fan can remember the bitter ending that was the T.O. tornado back in 2002. Often times he complained about not getting enough opportunities, while never talking about all the dropped passes. Anyone with a TV could probably recall some story where his name would come up in the news. Always a controversial figure demanding attention, for a while it seemed like he would travel the path of Dennis Rodman, it isn’t that hard to imagine T.O. marrying himself.

I think time and injury have tempered the walking car accident. I think he still has an attitude, but his gums are not as prone to flap. Regardless of his history he can run routes, and has improved his hands since he last wore the red and gold. Personally I believe that T.O. is still a physical freak of nature, and he would be worth bringing on, especially when we are looking at making a deep run into the playoffs or even the super bowl. If anything having T.O. lined up as the third receiver would give Alex that easy out pass, to eat at a first down. I believe that the risk vs. reward on T.O. is too great to pass up.

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