Blown Call Could Change The Landscape Of The Playoffs

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First off yes the 49ers should have punched it in all those times they were in the red zone.  Yes the team could have and should have played better and put away the Arizona Cardinals.  But we have all week and an entire staff here to cover that.  This loss that dropped the 49ers into a tie with the Saints for 2nd place in the NFC was 100% on the refs and the NFL.

First off, it wasn’t even freaking close!  COME ON REFS!  WTF ARE YOU GUYS DOING!  An entire crew of you and nobody noticed the whistle was about 3 seconds AFTER THE SNAP!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you weren’t watching the Niners executed a perfect fake FG and Andy Lee completed a pass to Jonathan Goodwin of all people for what would have been a touchdown.  It was called back by a band of idiots.  The Cardinals threw a challenge flag on the previous catch by Kyle Williams, fine, only they threw it after the play started.  And in case your as clueless as the refs in this game, that’s not how the system works.  The play was called dead and David Akers missed the ensuing FG attempt.

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I understand I just bashed the refs, it was a huge blown call that may cost my team a 1st round bye in the playoffs and a 2nd round home game.  It’s a big flipping deal to me.  But I also understand the refs are just humans.  Which is why we have instant replay.  So what in the Roger Goodell darn heck crap can’t the coaches challenge whatever the h*** they want to challenge?  You give them a couple red flags, they are smart men, they have smart men working for them, let them throw the darn things when they see fit.

This is stupid all the way around.  I’ve seen coaches waste challenges and delay the game for no reason.  You know when everybody including your grandmother that can’t really see that well from the kitchen making you dinner can see the call was right.  So what are we afraid of NFL?  Are we scared the coaches will nail it more often if they were allowed to just challenge everything?  I’m a firm believer if your not all in with anything in life it will not become a success.  How can the NFL expect the instant replay policy to be effective and fair to teams if coaches cannot challenge certain types of plays.

What makes it even worse is the NFL has a routine that each team sends plays to the league on Monday or Tuesday of the next week that they have a problem with.  The NFL reviews them and uses them in their evaluation of their refs.  I think that’s a great program, the coaches watch film.  If they see something maybe they didn’t see on the field, send it to the league, why not.  The problem with that is we’re only really taking care of the problem on the back end, after it’s already screwed up games.

If the 49ers and Saints both end up 13-3 then the same tie breaker system will apply that I broke down HERE.  In other words the rest of the games this season are now must wins.

So Roger Goodell stop watching film of big hits that are supposed to happen in football and fining players.  Start examining your refs closer, holding them more accountable.  And review your idiotic instant replay policy, let the coaches review what they want to review.  Since instant replay has been instituted in the NFL and any other major sport it’s always critisized, it’s a simple GD solution guys.  Give the coaches a limited number of opportunities to challenge things, control it and review everything inside of 2 minutes AND LET THEM CHALLENGE ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING THEY WANT TO!!!!!!!

But since you haven’t done that yet my 49ers may end up the #3 seed in the NFC and end up getting screwed over again.  FIX THIS ROGER!

49ers 10-3, should be 11-2

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  • barstowtx

    Pobrecitos. Champions overcome these things which happen all season long.

  • matt hamm


    I like your attitude, hope your right GO 9ERS

  • faithfulmeister

    Couldn’t agree with you more, Matt. This should have been a 26-21 Niners win, but for the refs. Just another example of referees thinking the world revolves around them, and blowing the whistle every time they breathe, then huddling for 10 minutes trying to figure out why they blew it at all.

    Well, they blew it all right. In the meantime, we are fed another 10 minutes of commercials for gas-guzzling monster trucks that nobody wants. Ultimately, the league is at fault for turning pro football into a hyper-legalized Supreme Court lawsuit nit-pick over everything. This kind of pseudo-legal-babble over every play never happened in Joe Perry or John David Crow’s day.

    Though I’m a lifelong ’9ers Faithful since Kezar days, I have to admit I’m nowhere near as frustrated when I watch “the beautiful game” i.e. world football a.k.a. soccer. There, the game flows so much more, no commercials except at halftime, no instant replay, no challenge, no flags, and what the ref says goes (they also have a rating system for who gets to call a World Cup match.)

    Btw, last Sunday, whether we’re Raiders fans or not, there were at least 3 plays, including a challenge beneficial to the Raiders which was “disallowed” due to “equipment malfunction”, which would have swung the score (though not the outcome) by 13 points the other way. Refs have way too much pressure to interfere, and the NFL is at fault for perverting a once beautiful game into a start-stop weasel-willed shouting match between ape-chimps in a zoo-cage.

    Like Madden says: “You gotta let ‘em play.”

    GO NINERS !!!

  • matt hamm


    hey FF, got to say I always enjoy your comments. I understand the need for increased safety when Goodell took over as commish but all the stupid as you put it “court room” BS dumb calls has got to go. Whatever happened to defense in professional sports? you can’t touch anyone on the perimeter now in the NBA, you can’t touch a WR, can’t have a bone crushing hit in the NFL, it’s ridiculous.