49ers Fans at the Game turn to Zombies

The day started out with a 4 hour trip to Phoenix get to the game and everywhere you looked there were Niner fans having a great time enjoying the sunshine. The was no fear of a loss to the Cards even though they just upset the Cowboys and were still mathematically alive for a playoff spot, (more on that later). Get to my seats to watch the warm ups 49er fans everywhere taking pics and having a good time, and all Niner fans in the area except a couple guys to my left and a couple behind me things could not be more perfect and now a line from Walk Hard,”ain’t nothin bad gonna happen today”.  Even the Cardinal fans sitting next to me were not expecting much from the Cardinals. Game started and the Niner fans were chanting loud and proud Lets Go Niners then a sack butDE Justin Smith causes fumble everyone going crazy across the field from us was a very large section of Niner fans going nuts. Felt like I was back at the stick some many years ago even my father in his 70s now was asking where the Cardinal fans were we have gone to the Niners game many times in AZ and we had not seen it like this. The game starts out just like every game I have watched on tv the last few weeks great Defense and Special Teams but we don’t score touchdowns in the first half, then we come out second half and put you away. Then all of a sudden the whole feel of the game changed.

The Niners lined up for a long field goal next thing you know we fake it and throw a TD to a lineman were going nuts High fives all around I am looking for flags nothing but the ref is standing there talking to the linesman and then the wheels came off. It was not bad enough that they took away our TD but no replay due to malfunction and we miss the field goal and then a TD for the Cardinals what the &*^% just happened. We all looked at each other reassured ourselves it was ok even at half the mood was good lots of energy and felt good with the way things were going.

Get back to my seat and RB Frank Gore is running to the end zone feeling real good now then we fell apart I don’t quite remember at what point it happened but all the Niners fans in my section got real quiet it was like we were all in a fog we didn’t do much of anything for about 30 minutes as we watched with a blank stare and little to no emotion. Then with 4 minutes left the really drunk guy found his way back to his seat and says we got this no worries and starts screaming Defense Defense and the crowd wakes from the coma and we yell like crazy now its 3rd and 1 the call I know the whole coaching staff wants back but what is done is done. That batted down pass  play was all we could talk about the whole way to the car as the 49er Zombies piled out of the stadium all you could hear was why didn’t we run the ball.  On the way home I ran into some of the Zombies  at In and Out burger and heard the same conversation why didn’t we run the ball.Coach Harbaugh did not help us with an answer to that question at his press conference but I bet we try to run the ball next time.  I was able to break the Zombie spell thanks to the Giants beating the Cowboys in the last minute have I mentioned how much I hate (strong word) the Cowboys. Had been thinking about this article for days and how much fun it was going to be to write after the celebration that was gonna happen with all the Niners fans but that will have to be written next year.

So I am in my car today listening to the sports guy do his 5 min info show talk about the playoffs as a possibility for the Cardinals and he was pretty convincing and a lot will have to happen but I will include them in my playoff watch article on Thursday

By Mike Zamora


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