Did You Ever Think Alex Smith Would One Day Make The 10 Year Wall?

The Elephant In The Room: Alex Smith's Contract

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Well it’s happening folks, the 49ers and Alex Smith have begun contract extension talks.  Just a couple weeks after both sides were saying they weren’t thinking about it mixed with other BS.  In sports and business typically when people start talking about what’s not going to happen, happens rather soon.

I for one really haven’t wanted to discuss this whole Alex contract thing.  Coming into the season I never thought he could be as good as he’s been this year.  Still had you showed me his stats then I still would have said wait until the end of the year.  But not after watching it unfold.

Why after the jump

No matter how much of an Alex hater you were, or maybe still are, you cannot deny it’s been fun watching him finally play well this season.  Nobody can really deny with a straight face that Colin Kaepernick seems a while away in his development also.  Short of getting Andrew Luck (were not getting Luck btw) CK7 is the niners future and Alex Smith looks about as good of a present as they can ask for.   In other words, this makes sense, I say extend him.

Rumors are that the organization is willing to extend Smith by 2 years.  Alex is currently signed to a 1 year $4-5 million deal.  This makes sense for a variety of reasons:

1-Who else?  Again, we’re not getting Luck.  McNabb sucks, Orton’s not better than Smith, aside from that who is better than Alex that the team can bring in next season?  The answer is simple, nobody.

2- Smith would not get a big money deal elsewhere, I don’t care what anyone says.  He has shown he can be a top 10-12 QB in the NFL, for 1 year.  The 49ers should be able to get a 2-3 year deal done at $7-8.5 million per year.

3-Alex does not want to go to another offense.  I don’t know Alex personally but it’s well documented that he needs time in an offense and needs to be comfortable.  It’s been 7 years and he’s finally comfortable.  If the team wants him, he’s staying.

4-The Smith’s just had their first baby before the season and Alex’s wife wants to stay in the Bay Area where she grew up.  Alex is also a very smart person and has not lived super lavishly and has invested his money well.  He made a ton on his rookie contract and would be very comfortable for the rest of his life if the NFL imploded today.  In other words he’s not Antonio Cromartie, he doesn’t need to roll for another mill or 2.  The whole picture comes into play for Alex, a rarity for athletes today.

5-Alex has shown tremendous dedication to the organization in his 7 years.  He played hurt, very hurt and didn’t cause many ripples when POS Mike Nolan laid him out to dry early in his career.  He re-structured his rookie deal to stay with the team.  He also chose to stick with the team 2 different times and re-sign when he could have went elsewhere.

Alex Smith may not be our QB of the long term future.  It may be Colin Kaepernick or somebody else down the line.  But for the next year or 2, I’ll stick with Alex.

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