Rams Offer No Challenge To 49ers

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49er fans I realize we just got beat on Thanksgiving when everybody was watching.  I realize a whole bunch of idiots then came out and said we couldn’t win against elite competition.  I also realize that now your seeing columns come out saying this is a “must win” for SF.  If your believing it then well, your buying into a bunch of crap.  Please see my column on the Packers and their stock sale sham, I have some land to sell you real cheap in the Bahamas.

But seriously guys, we’ve all been watching this season, right?  You saw us destroy the Bucs by 45 points, comeback against the Lions and Eagles at home, let’s see beat the Bengals in Cincy, yeah we’re pretty much a 9-2 team!  WTF how is everybody suddenly second guessing us?  Yeah we lost to the Ravens, IN BALTIMORE, ON A SHORT WEEK!  News  flash….BALTIMORE IS FREAKING AWESOME.  Who’s better than the Ravens?  Packers yes, Patriots maybe, Steelers maybe, 49ers possibly on a more neutral setting.  That’s it, so we got beat by an elite team, anything else happen that I missed?

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I’m almost certain if the 49ers had someone other than Alex Smith at Quarterback the second guessing would be over.  Do you think if Donovan McNabb had come here instead of Minnestoa and had the year Alex is having people would be second guessing us at 9-2?  Nope, they wouldn’t, Donovan would be the best thing since sliced bread again and people would be talking about a superbowl more than they already are.

Onto the Rams, I said this in our last game against the Cardinals.  No team is going to shock the 49ers, no crappy under .500 is going to stun us.  We’re not chumps anymore, accept it already.  This team has a terrific defense, special teams, running game and is extremely well coached.  No the 49ers don’t have everything, no they are not the best team in football.  But we’re close, I’m not saying the 49ers should look past the Rams, they have to go out and beat them on the field after all.

But I am, the Rams, give me a break!  The only game the 49ers may lose before the playoffs is against the Steelers.  The only other real team we play this season.  Even if we lose, we’ve already proven we can beat good teams on their own fields already.  Get used to it 49er fans, we’re not doormats anymore.  I guess we’ll have to wait another year for the rest of the world to accept it.

Prediction: 49ers 34-Rams 10

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