Great Game Turned Sideshow by "Shake Gate"

Jim Harbaugh

I was doing the exact same thing as 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh when the 49ers clinched victory over the previously 5-0 Detroit Lions. Jumping around my man cave like a mad man, what 49er fan wasn’t? And that’s what Jim Harbaugh is the biggest 49er fan in the world, after all more his time has been invested in this team than anyone. That’s why I am disgusted that I have join this guy, this guy, this guy, and wait can’t forget this gal here  talking about “shake gate”. I understand that it needs to be reported and should be for that matter but the deal we are making about this is about as lame as it gets. There has been twice the amount of coverage on the handshake by the coaches than the game itself.  Seriously this is that much of a big deal? The handshake and ensuing shouting match and chasing down the sidelines of the coaches is outshining the game itself?

Really, think about that the game of the week that was decided in the final 2 minutes of the game was out shadowed by the coach’s midfield handshake. I’ll give you a minute while you think….

This was a big miss for the NFL who chose not to fine the coaches today, a wise decision. The NFL should be looking to highlight how great the GAME was. What I would do is play the game a few times on NFL Network  over the next week and cut out the handshake. This was a big time game; the league should be marketing the return of the 49ers, bringing excitement back to the actual GAME  not the sideshow antics.

The NFL offseason was nothing but a big frustrating waste of time for all involved with the lockout. This season in the NFL has made up for it with it’s surprise teams like the 49ers, Bills and Bengals. If your listening Roger Goddell you don’t need to sissy up your league anymore by getting involved in coaches getting in each other’s faces. Talk to the media and tell them to cover these great GAMES and countless storylines throughout the league. You guys do basically own NFL Network  right? And if that doesn’t work don’t you have oh I don’t know BILLIONS of dollars that you could spend marketing these things yourself? Turn the attention away from the crap and back to the GAMES.

Want my opinion on the actual incident itself well I thought it was funny when it happened, thought Lions coach Jim Schwartz chasing Harbaugh down was the real problem. He made it national headlines; if he lets an overly aggressive HANDSHAKE flip him out then what does he teach his children? That it’s ok to freak out and chase someone looking to fight when if you don’t like their handshake? Both coaches will be able to use this as momentum and motivation for their teams and I don’t think it was that bad by either one of them. This is a man’s sport, it’s emotional, and do we talk about players pushing and shoving, talking smack during the game for days? Do we dedicate column after column on the subject, no way. Let it go guys and further more one more thing I’d like to say to the national media that made this the highlight of Sunday instead of our 49ers victory “What’s your deal?”

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