49ers vs. Eagles: Q&A with Inside the Iggles

Check out my answers over at Inside the Iggles.  Enjoy!

Q. With Michael Vick leaving two of the three games this season due to injury is the offensive line a weakness for the Eagles?

There is little doubt that the offensive line of this team is a serious concern.  After last week’s game, Vick expressed concerns toward the officials about being on the ground after nearly every throw. While it’s true he may not get the calls thy other quarterbacks are, his ire should really be directed at the group protecting him.  The tackles have played well and the Eagles have run the ball efficiently, but the interior linemen has been mediocre at best.

Q. If Vick does get hurt during the game on Sunday, do Eagles fans have faith in either Vince Young or Mike Kafka to lead the team to victory?

It’s gotta be Young. Mike Kafka could one day prove to be a valuable commodity, but today isn’t that day. Young’s athletic ability and experience should give the Eagles confidence in the event Vick goes down again.

Q.  Do Eagles fans think Vick does not get the same penalty flags as other quarterbacks in the NFL?

I think it’s a mixed reaction. He probably doesn’t get some of the same calls other quarterbacks do, but people in this town don’t want to hear that. Go out, do your job, and get a win. Leave all the whining to the Eagles’ brass.

Q.  David Akers has been a scoring wonder for the 49ers due to the offense not scoring touchdowns.  Do fans have any regrets giving up on the longtime former Eagle?

Great question. Not yet.  Rookie Alex Henery has been excellent for the Eagles thus far, but hasn’t faced many pressure kicks. Let’s see what happens when the stakes are raised. Akers was a fan favorite here, but he absolutely killed the eagles with two brutal misses in the playoffs a year ago.

Q.  With all the Eagles acquisitions in the off-season, has there been any buyer’s remorse with any of the players?

Not really. It’s not all that surprising that so many new pieces haven’t clicked yet. The players brought in have been good, but it’s who they didn’t bring in that’s been the real issue. It’s beyond me how you can sell a team as “all in” with this current group of linebackers.  It was a glaring whole and inexcusable that it went unaddressed.

Q.  Who is the one player that will cause havoc for the 49ers offense on Sunday?

LeSean McCoy.  He’s been simply outstanding.  With Vick banged up and the passing game out of sync, I expect McCoy to continue to carry the load.

Q.  What is the biggest weakness the Eagles have that the 49ers might exploit?

This is easy.  The Eagles cannot and do not cover tight ends well.  Vernon Davis should have a field day with this defense.  I expect the Eagles to win this game, but Davis could single-handedly prevent that from happening.



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