Cowboys vs. 49ers: The Tony Romo Redemption Factor

At Candlestick Park on Sunday the 49ers will have to contend against a really good Cowboys defense and quarterback Tony Romo’s redemption mentality.  After throwing for over 300 yards and two touchdowns against the Jets, Romo fell apart in the fourth quarter.  He fumbled on the Jets 3-yardline, blew a 14-point lead and threw an interception that sealed the loss for the Cowboys.  Romo can’t wait to get back on the field to show he is past last week and that he can produce in the fourth quarter when the game is on the line.  For the 49ers that means going up against a quarterback with a chip on his shoulder.

“I can’t get back on the field fast enough. You need to come back from it and play really good football going forward for an extended period of time. That’s the only way to make up for it.”

The 49ers defense can contain Romo and his redemption mind-set as the Cowboys offensive line is in rebuild mode.  The Cowboys are starting two rookies, two linemen in their second season and one with only one career start.  49ers defensive coordinator Vic Fangio showed against the Seahawks he is not afraid to let his defense loose and blitz.  With one game under their belt the 49ers defensive line and linebackers will be more confident playing in the defense.  Fangio will want to replicate the Jets last Sunday who blitzed Romo heavily and caused him to make mistakes.  The 49ers secondary will be able to handle the Cowboys receivers as the front seven get to the quarterback.  Blitzing Romo often will increase the chances of him turning over the football as he forces passes on the run.


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  • AndrewHutchinson

    Dude, you should have watched the game. Lord Fangio saw that his base defense could get to Jackson and so played coverage and barely blitzed at all.

  • obsoletestranger

    Did you even watch the Cowboys/Jets game?! Romo played like an Elite QB the whole game EXCEPT for those two plays in the FOURTH. Basically, your point of “Fangio will want to replicate the Jets last Sunday who blitzed Romo heavily and caused him to make mistakes. The 49ers secondary will be able to handle the Cowboys receivers as the front seven get to the quarterback.” makes NO sense at-all. Even from watching the niners game, that doesn’t make sense. Do the 49ers even have a CB comparable to Revis?! Or even Cromartie?! Cause if not, good luck “being able to handle the Cowboys receivers”.

    I know, you are a fan of the 49ers, but you don’t have to blatantly lie about the performance of your team. Even I know that the $hit-attle $hit-hawks, are a lame team who basically have nobody on defense and nobody on offense. You said it yourself, “After throwing for over 300 yards and two touchdowns against the Jets”, do you even know who the Jets are? Your talking about them as if they aren’t even a contender for the SUPER BOWL, all I’m saying is stick to the facts and learn to be honest with yourself.

    The niners have NO chance to stop our offense, unless Romo has a heart-attack on the field and our top wideouts and tight ends get injured.. and your offense?? WHAT offense?!

    If you have anything to say about the Cowboys defense, please state it, since your QB is probably hating life right now as he reviews the game film from our game. We made Mark Sanchez look like a rookie, and that’s WITH the jets offensive line. Who is on your o-line again? That’s right, nobody.

    Good luck on Sunday, you guys are definitely gonna need it…. to even score I mean.

  • jaredquan

    The greatest irony in your statement is the fact that the Jets are a super bowl contender and the Cowboys are not. The simple truth is Romo has give away the last six regular season games, including their brief playoff showing last year. This is why the 1-0 49ers are going to face the 0-1 Cowboys Sunday. With five cowboys most likely sitting the game out. Most distressing to the Cowboys is the fact that three of the five injured players are cornerbacks. Its ok to talk all the trash you want, but confidence is building in the 49ers, and it is clearly floundering in the Cowboys.

  • Mcowboy1

    I’ll take Romo over Smith all day long. My guess is you would too. People forget that Romo has won a lot of games coming from behind in the 4th quarter. No doubt he has to eliminate the mistakes. I think he will. The Cowboys are the better team, but as we all know the better team doesn’t always win. My pick is Cowboys win 27-17.

  • jaredquan

    @Mcowboy1 Your probably right if there were only two quarterbacks I could choose to lead my team, and it were Smith or Romo, I would pick Romo, but just barely. With that said if I had any quarterback in the league to choose from, Romo wouldn’t make the top 18 picks.

    Romo has won games, but people also forget the Cowboys had the exact same record as the 49ers from last year, with Smith and Romo at quarterback. Your right on about the better team not always winning, the Cowboys almost proving that fact by almost beating the Jets.

    I agree that the Cowboys have more talent in certain areas, but with the Cowboys offensive line vs the 49ers front seven. I predict a different outcome, 17-14 49ers by a field goal in the 4th quarter.