Still NFC Worst When it comes to QB’s

Of all the divisions in the NFL the NFC West is known as the NFC Worst for many reasons chief among them the lack of elite quarterbacks.  With the NFL draft over of the three teams that needed a quarterback only one, the 49ers selected a quarterback, Colin Kaepernick.  The 49ers quarterback needs are not solved and with Rams quarterback Sam Bradford being the only legitimate play caller in the division the 49ers, Seahawks and Cardinals still has moves to make once the lockout is lifted.  Here is how I think the NFC West quarterback situations will play out:


Arizona Cardinals

Quarterbacks on the Roster: Derek Anderson, John Skeleton, Max Hall

With no surefire quarterback in this year’s draft the Cardinals went with bigger needs with their fifth pick in the first round.  With John Skeleton the Cardinals have a project that could turn into their quarterback of the future.  Problem is the Cardinals don’t want Skeleton out on the field this season if he is not ready.  Skeleton clearly showed last season he needs more time to develop.  The Cardinals could sign one of the free agent quarterbacks like Marc Bulger so Skeleton can learn and develop.  Oh and they have Derek Anderson but something tells me is not in their future plans at quarterback.  And Max Hall is destined to be the third string QB.

How it will play out: The Cardinals will make a run at Matt Hasselbeck and Bulger but ultimately deciding to go with Bulger who is a year younger.


San Francisco 49ers

Quarterbacks on the Roster: David Carr

David Carr is the only signed quarterback on the 49ers roster and he is a third stringer.  The 49ers will only go with Carr as their last, desperate option.  He is destined to be a backup this season.  With Kaepernick drafted and needing time to develop the 49ers will most likely bring back Alex Smith.  It has been reported that Smith was given a playbook during the lifted lockout that lasted about a day and a half.  Smart move if Smith re-signs, not smart if he does not and goes to a division rival with the 49ers playbook in hand.

How it will play out: I doubt Smith will walk to another team with the 49ers playbook which means once free agents can sign he will ink a one-year deal with the 49ers and be the quarterback for one more season.


St Louis Rams: Sam Bradford

Last season was amazing with how Bradford played so consistent each week.   Unfortunately we can expect to see more of the same in the future.  No issues here at quarterback.


Seattle Seahawks

Quarterbacks on the Roster: Charlie Whitehurst

The Seahawks may only have one quarterback on the roster like the 49ers but unlike Carr, Whitehurst looks ready to start.  The question is does head coach Pete Carroll think he is ready? If not do the Seahawks re-sign Matt Hasselbeck?  After their inspiring first round win in the playoffs against the defending Super Bowl champs Hasselbeck could be brought back.  There is also the possibility the Seahawks could be the team that trades for Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb.

How it will play out: The Seahawks will part ways with Hasselbeck and unless the Seahawks trade for Kolb, Whitehurst will be the starting quarterback.  The Seahawks only have Whitehurst signed for one more year so I can see them wanting to put Whitehurst to the test to see if he is ready to be a starter.

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