49ers Lose Third Straight Game, Fire Jimmy Raye

Frustration.  That is the one word that described my feeling from late in the third quarter of the 49ers 31-10 beating by the Chiefs until I went to sleep on Sunday.  Frustration with the coaches, the players and the front office.  Frustrated as I saw two other 0-2 teams that were picked for the playoffs get their first win as the 49ers fell to 0-3 and are now the worst team in the NFC West.  Do you think the 49ers would have played as well against the Redskins as the Rams did on Sunday?  I say no.

The game analysis for the 49ers vs. Chiefs game comes down to one sentence:  The 49ers were outcoached, outplayed and outmatched by the Chiefs.  No Game Gold Nuggets this week.  The offense, defense, special teams and coaches receive a golden goose egg.  Kudos to the Chiefs for again exposing the 49ers as frauds as the Seahawks did in week one.  They are frauds because they have the most talent on offense and defense than any of the other NFC West teams yet that talent only seems to apply to home games at Candlestick.  The 49ers are 4-11 on the road under Mike Singletary as the head coach and are losers of eight of the last nine road games.  Their only road win outside of the NFC West with Singletary was in Buffalo in 2008.  How can the 49ers expect to not only be a playoff team but advance in the playoffs if they cannot win games on the road?

Head coach Singletary wanted a run game and offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye gave him one.  Now the offense is bad because Raye continued Singletary’s vision of smash mouth football, with one capable running back to carry the load in Frank Gore, regardless of the game situation.  When you stop the run as the Chiefs did on Sunday Raye’s offense becomes anemic no matter how many times you try passing the football to get back into the game and no matter how times you continue running the football.  Singletary wasn’t fired by team president Jed York because that would be a little of an overreaction and the front office still believes in him.  But come the end of the season if the 49ers have regressed back to finishing under .500 on the season Singletary will join Raye in the unemployment ranks.

I think firing Raye was a good move and the best thing the 49ers could have done after an 0-3 start.  Raye is the scapegoat here but everyone on the team and the staff share the blame for the 49ers weak start.  Quarterbacks coach Mike Johnson will take over as the new offensive coordinator for the 49ers.  I was reading that Johnson is a fan of the spread offense and we could see the offense go that way for the remainder of the offense.  Singletary needs to get off his smash mouth run football mentality and let the offense become a more pass oriented offense.  The 49ers offense is more suited and better at running the football but the 49ers need to try something desperate and why not go back to the spread offense ran last season when Smith had his most success.

Bringing in backup quarterback David Carr is not the answer either.  Smith is the quarterback and should remain the quarterback.  He can do a good job if you put him in the right offensive situations.  Of course you are going to look like a bad quarterback with your offensive coordinator struggling to get plays called correctly and in enough time to snap the football.  Of course you are going to look like a bad offense when you are directed to run, run, run the football with only one running back.  Of course your offense will go three-and-out most of the time when your coordinator struggles to find the best play to call.  If the 49ers could bring in an experienced and proven offensive coordinator the offense would click because of all the talent.  Smith did well with Norv Turner who left for San Diego and didn’t have a chance with Mike Martz because Singletary told him to run all the time and Smith was injured anyways.  Raye was hired because he had experience but he had never proven himself as a great offensive coordinator before he joined the 49ers.  I have read that Raye was mainly hired because he was willing to along with Singletary’s vision of a run first offense.

It is fitting that the 49ers have their bye week at the official half-way point of the season as by week nine they will have played eight games of football.  The best record they will have by that point is 5-3.  That means a five-game winning streak starting next week with two of the wins coming on the road and a third coming in London which is considered a home game.  By that point in the season if the downward spiral continues for the 49ers we could see the end of the Mike Singletary Era be replaced by the Greg Manusky Era and see Carr starting the final eight games of the season.

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