Is Mike Singletary Losing Control of the Ship?

Master Motivator Mike Singletary has faced numerous issues in 2010 and it has me asking, does he have control over his players and coaches?  I think Singletary still has control of the ship but the wheel is shaky.  Here are the issues Singletary has faced:

  • Firing of general manager Scot McCloughan:  We still don’t know the reasons for McCloughan’s dismissal other than he was let go for “personal reasons.”  Those reasons could include Singletary.  That is just speculation but when you are not given a straight answer from the 49ers front office about the firing the 49er Faithful is allowed to speculate.  It would make sense though as this was around the time Singletary’s issues started and would be the reason for other issues, see below, that seemed uncharacteristic of players coached by Singletary.


  • Kentwan Balmergoes AWOL, gets traded: I thought the Master Motivator would be able to bring Balmer back after going AWOL and motivate him to be the player the 49ers envisioned when they selected him in the first round in 2008.  Balmer never showed up and never talked to Singletary which resulted in him being traded to the Seahawks.  Balmer could have acted the same way on any other team but I would never have thought he would pull that on a team lead by Singletary.


  • Glenn Coffee retires:  This was the biggest news of the off-season and the most surprising.  How could a second year player with so much talent abruptly quit and retire at the age of 23?  The Master Motivator could not convince Coffee to play out the year and see how he felt at the end of the season?  Well, Coffee said he found God back in college and his heart has not been in football since.  With Singletary being a religious guy as well, he wears a cross on the sidelines during games, I am sure once he heard that he respected Coffee’s decision and let him go.  But you cannot tell me that Singletary did not have an idea or had not talk to Coffee about his dedication to football and his religious beliefs.  


  • Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis: The confrontation between Crabtree and Davis was warranted because Crabtree was acting as if he was a veteran by deciding not to play in the preseason games.  I commend Davis for calling Crabtree out but now we are seeing the repercussions of a wide receiver not getting reps with his quarterback.  The question I have is did Singletary give in to Crabtree not wanting to play?  I don’t believe that Crabtree really could not play in any of the games.  Singletary allowed him to sit which probably pissed off some players like Davis.


  • Play calling problems:  With offensive coordinator Jimmy Rayestruggling to get plays called in a timely manner, a problem dating back to last season, I think I now understand why this never got fixed.  Singletary is the Master Motivator for his players and an overall game planner for his coaches.  He is not however an X’s and O’s type of coach when it comes to the offense so he defers a lot to Raye and his staff. He knew of the problems but they came to the boiling point on Sunday against an underdog team and loud fans. 


  • The “Rat”:  Singletary talked of a “rat” being on the team that was the source of the Yahoo Sports story.  Singletary obviously does not know who the rat is which means he may have lost more than just one player in the locker room.  Singletary is frustrated by the rat and showed it in a radio interview on Thursday which according to the San Jose Mercury News was pulled down from the stations web site.   


The majority of players on the 49ers have Singletary’s back and I think it is just a few players that are disgruntled.  However it is still a problem and contributed to the 49ers loss last week.  Singletary needs lean on his captains like Vernon Davis who he helped turn around into the best tight end in the NFL to reach out to the players that are not happy and fix the problems. Crisis mode rarely comes this early in the season and the 49ers are just on the brink of being in full mode but we have to trust Singletary.  Calling for him to be fired will not help.  That is something for after the season if the 49ers regress back to under .500.  Singletary will right the ship and that starts with a win on Monday Night Football against the reigning champs.

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