Santa Clara Citizens to Vote Tuesday on 49ers Stadium

The time has come as to whether or not your San Francisco 49ers will become the Santa Clara 49ers, Santa Clara 49ers of San Francisco, San Francisco 49ers of Santa Clara,  Bay Area 49ers or some other moniker.  Citizens of Santa Clara County will vote yes or no on Tuesday, June 8 to use public funding to help build a new stadium for the 49ers.  The 49ers have said that if Measure J is approved and they move to the South Bay the team name will remain the San Francisco 49ers.  That is not a for sure thing as I would expect the city of San Francisco to put up a fight for the right to use San Francisco in your name if you are not within city limits.  The more important thing however is it seems Santa Clara voters will approve the measure if recent polling released on May 25 turns out correct:   56% of likely voters indicated they were certain to vote yes on Measure J, while 40% were certain to vote no.

It was hard to write that last sentence but with the margin so big you cannot ignore the facts.  I am hoping for a miracle and a change of minds from Santa Clara voters from when the poll was taken to when they actually go to vote.  Even if the measure passes there is still hope.  Remember in 1997 San Francisco voted for a stadium bond plan to build a stadium for the 49ers at Candlestick Point.  Using the same approved bond the City has incorporated a stadium in their plans at Hunters Point not far from Candlestick Point.  The environmental impact report was narrowly approved on June 3 by San Francisco’s planning and redevelopment commissions which means construct was given the green light.  Where there is still hope is that the site can hold-off on building the stadium until 2017.  Now I don’t want to wait until then to see a 49ers new stadium but with almost certain cost overruns of building the stadium Santa Clara citizens will carry the burden of any those overruns on top of the $330 million they are already contributing.  The $330 million is going to be paid back with a ticket tax and the sale of stadium naming rights (the Cowboys, Giants and Jets have yet to find a company for their naming rights of new stadiums), personal seat licenses (these could run into the thousands) and concession rights.

With the Hunters Point plan being able to include a new 49ers stadium in San Francisco until 2017 if the stadium in Santa Clara is approved and falls apart because of financial issues San Francisco can step right in.  The SF plan would be privately financed and would not require a public vote because the bond was already approved in 1997.  49ers President Jed York however has said that he would consider Oakland as the next option if Santa Clara fails for any reason.  York is a man who clearly in his mind puts business over history and tradition of the 49ers.

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  • JC

    Let’s all hope and pray that Measure J goes down as it should on June 8th! Just to clarify … ONLY the voters in the CITY of Santa Clara are voting on this monster and will be only ones on the hook for $444 MILLION DOLLARS!! Hence, the reason that this is such a stupid idea!

    The impact on Northside residents will be criminal – the traffic will be outrageous and the planning has more holes than swiss cheese. Can you really vote yes on something that says “we’ll figure it out once it is open”?? Give me a break! The 49ers are trying to buy votes … and council members are trying to BRIBE voters to turn in their NO signs. What they are doing is working – working to get the YES voters to become NO voters in a heartbeat! Thanks Kev and Jamie … please keep pestering the YES voters … we appreciate every NO vote that you throw our way! Way to go boys!!

    Please VOTE NO on Measure “J” … “J”ed’s future in on the line, but our city’s quality of life and financial future just cannot be sacrificed to build a stadium for a billionaire. JUST Say NO … NO ON J … “J” is a “J”oke and please make sure that “J”ed gets the “J”oke and goes back to San Francisco where he and the 49ers belong.

  • http://NinerNoise mizg

    What more can be said about Measure *Jed*….(Measure J) other than it is a risky scheme for the small town of Santa Clara to take on. The Yorks, the Mayor, and the City Council of Santa Clara have told the taxpayers of this little hamlet the Biggest Lie Ever! That the project to build a Stadium in Santa Clara *IS FREE,* with no cost at all to the taxpayers of Santa Clara.

    As of June the 4th, there has been no talk of Financing for the Stadium, the pending Parking, and Traffic issues have also not been seriously discussed. All the Yorks, and City Officials will say is, “that they will address those details after Measure J passes.” Is that any way to run a City, and to protect your taxpayers, and voters? In a word *NO*

    Even if Measure J does pass, it still has very major challenges before it. Namely Great America is suing the City of Santa Clara still, and also the 49ers. There is also as mentioned above a Financing issue, and the residents who live on the North Side of Santa Clara where the stadium will be located at will surely sue, TO KEEP THE 49ERS STADIUM OUT.

    For More Info On Measure J, Please Read This Excellent Article By Ann Killion…..

  • Frank

    I hope the Santa Clara voters approve the stadium…while I understand the history and tradition in SF, the BL is The City is getting interested much too late in the game. Santa Clara has made the best offer to keep the team in the Bay Area…they train not far from the stadium, so it would be an ideal location for the players and coaching staff. More importantly, getting this stadium built will bring the Super Bowl back to the Bay Area. Again, city officials have simply blown previous opportunities to get a stadium built in SF. It’s too late to cry over spilled milk…so I’m hoping all Niner fans get behind this initiative that’ll keep the team in the Bay Area and bring the Super Bowl back. It’s long, long overdue and my hat’s off to Jed York for spearheading this initiative. He regularly consults w/Eddie D, who’s in favor of the new stadium. It needs to be done…waiting for another opportunity in SF simply isn’t prudent any longer. They had their chances and didn’t work out a suitable, doable plan. So, Santa Clara, you have and should reap the rewards of having such a storied franchise play in your city.

  • John Burrows

    Ann Killion refers to Santa Clare as a “relatively small town”. Green Bay Wisconsin is another example of a “relatively small town”, smaller than Santa Clara. Unlike Santa Clara, Green Bay stands alone, there is no city of 1,000,000 next door to Green Bay. The Green Bay Packers have been sold out for nearly 50 years. And in conclusion——-GO FOR IT SANTA CLARA.

    • kathy zamora

      Ann probably has never been to Santa Clara other then driving down 101 to get to the stick where the parking is horrible and it can take nearly a whole game to get home. Perhaps that is why Intel is here and many other companies
      i.e nvidia. Yes Ann Santa Clara is small. One thing for sure we don’t want to be San Frncisco. Nice place to visit as long as your car dosent get towed or carjacked.

  • JC

    Santa Clara cannot afford to pay for the Yorks’ stadium. If a stadium is such a great idea – let them pay for it THEMSELVES! Public money is not to make the Yorks richer! The Deal is a fleecing of the taxpayers of Santa Clara! They are wasting OUR MONEY … ie., $20 MILLION to move a substation that DOES NOT need to be moved because they want 380 parking spaces. Give me a break! This is only one example of WASTING TAXPAYER money – there are 444 MILLION of them.

    VOTE NO on Measure J … “J” is a “J”oke and let Jed use his own money and stay in SFO!

  • OhNO

    I agree Vote No on J – apart from the traffic, noise, part time jobs, and just general decrease in quality of life. This has been a campaign that has involved 2 to 3 glossy pieces of mail a week in our mail boxes. Jed could have saved a few trees and just given Santa Clara the 4.1 million he has spent on trying to buy our votes by building much needed schools in our district. Don’t believe the story that the stadium will subsidize our schools, that money is capped. It is capped at ridiculously low amount 250,000 a year that’s all!!!! How will that make a difference? Admittedly our schools are some of the worst in the county 250K won’t even make a dent. Tell this multi millionaire to go play his favorite sport in his own back yard and not in mine! Vote NO on J

  • redjay

    As a resident of Santa Clara, a 49ers fan, living close to the proposed new stadium I would encourage you to consider the following:

    The new stadium, if built, would have fewer that 3,000 dedicated parking spots. The other 20,000 parking spots would be begged from companies like Intel, Yahoo, Oracle, Marvel, Webex, Cisco, and other companies. It is likely that these companies would not let fans use their lots on game days. If that happened the parking would go from chaos to disaster.

    I urge you to consider keeping the 49ers in San Francisco.

    As you may have heard the San Francisco Planning Commission and the San Francisco Development Agency, meeting together for 13 hours on Thursday, June 3 ( and early Friday, June 4) certified the Environmental Impact Report and granted 8 other project approvals to the massive Candlestick Point/ Hunters Point Shipyard area plan.

    Subject to final approvals by the Board of Supervisors, this 702 acre project with 10,000 new housing units, thousands of square feet of commercial, retail and development, hundreds of acres of recreational facilities and parks and, as its centerpiece, a 69,000 seat football stadium for National Football League teams is ready to go. Stadium funding, unlike Santa Clara, will be all private!

    Compare that with the 13 acre site for the new Stadium in Santa Clara. That is a sad joke.

    No matter what happens in Tuesday’s Santa Clara vote, the San Francisco stadium plan is moving forward. The San Francisco’s 49ers belong in San Francisco. Their plan is far superior when compared to Santa Clara’s.