NFL Committee: Super Bowl in Santa Clara

The NFL committee in charge of selecting sites for the Super Bowl has told the San Francisco 49ers if the stadium is built the sport’s biggest game of the year will be held in Santa Clara.  Nothing is official as the committee said to the 49ers they will “support and encourage a Super Bowl bid” if Santa Clara voters approve public funding for the new stadium.

A recent poll conducted by the San Jose Mercury News and KGO-TV shows support for the measure with 52 percent of likely voters backing Measure J, 36 percent against with 11 percent undecided.  Santa Clarans go to the polls on June 8.  Measure J could go either way and I do not think it is a coincidence that the NFL committee came out with the statement if you build it they will come so close to the vote.  Certainly Santa Clara residents backing the measure and 49er team officials will point to the Super Bowl possibly being held at the new stadium as a way to push people still on the fence into voting yes.

I have been strongly against moving the team to Santa Clara for multiple reasons.  The tradition of the team being in San Francisco would be lost, the reasons for the front office not wanting to build a stadium in San Francisco was motivated mainly by money and the promise of public funds and the fact that Monday and Thursday night football games would be passed up by the 49ers because of parking and traffic issues in the area.  I see no reason why the NFL committee didn’t come out and say they would also support bringing the Super Bowl to a stadium built in San Francisco.  The NFL up until yesterday has said they prefer the new 49ers stadium to be built in San Francisco.  I don’t understand why the NFL would change their minds now with the vote a little more than a month away.  Clearly they are trying to influence the decision Santa Clara voters are trying to make.

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  • Bill Bailey

    That is EXACTLY the leap that the “49ers Stadium Gang” is expecting the fan community to make – and it’s simply FALSE.

    There are NO guarantees of a Super Bowl in Santa Clara, and the NFL just admitted just that. Their exact words:

    “…will support and encourage a Super Bowl bid…”

    When the NFL Owners’ Bowl Committee sits down to look at this thing, they’re probably going to find the same conditions that caused $2M in LOSSES to Glendale, AZ, when Super Bowl XLII was held there: Lack of accommodations.

    Please, 49ers fans: Do not hang your hats on any promise of a Bowl in Santa Clara. Any such promises are hot air – and the 49ers Spin Machine knows that.

    Bill Bailey, Treasurer,
    Santa Clara Plays Fair
    Santa Clara, California


  • SantaClaran

    It’s a postage stamp of a site – 14 acres of stadium on a 17-acre site. 22,000 cars arrive with 68,500 fans and no centralized parking and no direct freeway access. The traffic play is to drop in 160 police officers and pray. 31 police checkpoints, 4 roads closed, neighborhoods cordoned off, gridlocked traffic will be a nightmare, traffic backups on the 101 and 237 offramps and onto the freeways. They expect to use the parking lots of private businesses, and after 3 years, there are no parking contracts in place. The first requirement of a good stadium site should be the acreage – enough for a big enough parking lot to accommodate cars and tailgating. Then, for a Superbowl, remember that Jan and Feb are the rainy season in the bay area, with a 60% chance of rain, and an average temp of 52 degrees (colder if it rains). The NFL likes warmer weather or covered stadiums. And the stadium is right in the flight path of San Jose Airport- so what to do about the blimps? Just close the airport or not have the blimp?

  • ReadyRanger

    And, what kind of a SuperBowl would it be with limited tailgating. And, NO aerial coverage. The 200′ tall stadium is at the maximum height already – as it is RIGHT UNDER the San Jose Airport flight path. No way could a blimp or even a helicopter be allowed in the airspace. Not to mention the lack of parking for international media. And, forget about hospitality tents either. No place to put them.

    You see, the location is a nightmare for EVERYONE. The 95054 residents – and I hope you won’t mind the relocated sub-station making its noise 24/7 as it will be RIGHT across the street from your homes. And, a 200′ wall of concrete – I’m sure they’ll put something 49er-ish on it so you can look at it ALWAYS!

    VOTE No on Measure J … it is a stupid place to put a stadium that just DOES NOT fit. And, when the NFL breaks free of the arm twisters, they will figure it out too.

  • http://NinerNoise mizg

    Jed York either drugged Commissioner Goodell or at the 11th hour with the Yorks/49er really behind in the polls he asked the commissioner to say the stadium site was good. I believe contrary to what KGO Ch. 7 said about being ahead in the polls, that the 49ers are behind in the polls… The Yorks are carpet bombing the taxpayers of Santa Clara with ads that say the stadium is FREE, NO COST AT ALL TO THE TAXPAYERS. And the Yorks are getting away with it, they have not disclosed any cost at all. But in reality the Taxpayers of Santa Clara will be subsidizing this stadium, and the Yorks.

    The San Francisco 49ers belong in San Franciso! If you want this team to remain in SF you need to get involved NOW! The opposition in Santa Clara needs your help. Please Get In Contact with Santa Clara Plays Fair This is critical…donate, or volunteer to help these people if you want the 49ers to remain in the City of their birth.

    • Juan Pardell

      The possibility of a Superbowl was another ploy thrown out there by the 49er & NFL in order to secure public funding for the stadium. This isn’t the first time they’ve done something like this. In fact, the NFL told the City of Miami they may not consider another Superbowl there unless there are $250 million in improvements done to the Dolphins home stadium.

      The NFL’s economic data, regarding financial benefits of the Superbowl’s host city, have been grossly exaggerated. Many economists have conluded they inflate the numbers. In fact, one economist, University of South Florida professor Phil Porter, believes there is a link between how the NFL presents the Superbowl to cities, and the existing demand of public funding for a new NFL stadium being requested by the team’s ownership.

  • MarkSpizer

    great post as usual!