Jed Joke wanted Santa Clara over San Fran site for public funds

Jed Joke again lives up to his name:

“It was a no-brainer for the York family to accept the Santa Clara offer, which covers nearly half the cost of a new stadium versus the $100 million offer that came from Lennar,” according to the source. “The choice was never about parking and traffic access in San Francisco, it was purely a financial decision by the York family because they would get greater benefit from public money in Santa Clara.”

In a little noticed article at the San Francisco Sentinel on March 21, I suggest everyone read the article, a source associated with the 49ers organization said it was “solely for financial reasons” and not for the parking and transportation issues, as claimed by the 49ers, as to why they abandoned the San Francisco stadium site.  On December 10 of last year I wrote an entry titled Jed Joke the Next Great Flip Flopper.  I highlighted how the Santa Clara stadium site environmental impact report showed there would be parking and transportation issues when games are played on Monday and Thursday nights which the team responded by saying the 49ers will “inform the NFL they will forgo weeknight games on their schedule” if parking and traffic will be too much for surrounding businesses.  At the time it did not make any sense to me as to why they would miss out on national televised so they could have a stadium in Santa Clara.  The San Francisco stadium site environmental impact report did not say parking and transportation would be too much for weeknight games.  Yes, there are issues with there being no current solid public transportation but that is all part of the redevelopment project that still includes a 49ers stadium and would be put in place in time for the opening of the stadium.

The most infuriating thing in all of this is the gall of the Joke Family with their $1 billion in assets to skip the San Francisco site all because Santa Clara said they would give $500 million for the stadium, whereas San Francisco said they would give none but the company behind the San Francisco site pledged $100 million.  The NFL is a business and I guess the Joke Family did what they saw as their best option as far as paying, or not paying for that matter, for a new stadium.  So, through one of the worst recessions in history the 49ers organization have raised ticket prices for next season and tried laying the burden of payment for their new stadium on the backs of the working people of Santa Clara.  Give me a break Jed Joke.  You might want to take a look at the other San Francisco sports organization in town and how back in 1992 the new ownership group kept not only the team in SF but they paid for the most beautiful stadium not only in the MLB, but probably in all of sports with their own money.  Unless you forgot, the 49ers and Giants have deep history in San Francisco and the Giants franchise choose what was best for the fans and the history of the team rather than what made the most sense business wise.  You on the other hand try to protect your wallets from paying as much out of pocket expenses for the new stadium as possible.  Shame on you Joke Family.

Thanks to reader MizG for bringing my attention to the article.


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