Crabtree, 49ers $7 Million Apart on Contract

Crabtree wants his dough

Crabtree wants his $dough$

Former 49ers cornerback and KPIX radio announcer Eric Davis is reporting the 49ers and Michael Crabtree are stalled in negotiations and are $7 million apart in guaranteed money.  In Crabtree’s fantasy world he was picked seventh in the draft but in the real world where the 49er Faithful and the 49ers organization live he was picked tenth and deserves only the contract players picked at that number are slotted to receive.  Davis also reported that Crabtree is still willing to sit out the season.

“They feel as should they should get more than where they are slotted and that’s going to be difficult to do. There’s a certain system in place and the 49ers organization is going to stick to that system. It’s going to be difficult to get anything worked out,” Davis said.

Davis has access to people in Crabtree’s camp most notably former teammate Deion Sanders.  This explains the holdout with Neon Deion being in Crabtree’s corner.  Both are flashy and have balloted egos.  But shouldn’t Sanders be telling Crabtree to sign the contract now, show you are worth what you think you are and then demand a higher contract either in the second or third season of the deal so long as you are putting up the big numbers?  You may not know this but there is a Deion Sanders rule in the NFL: A player salary rule which correlates a contract’s signing bonus with its yearly salary. Enacted after Sanders signed with the Dallas Cowboys in 1995 for a minimum salary and a $13 million signing bonus.  Basically Crabtree has surround himself with people who only see in dollar $ign$.  Sanders knows how to get the maximum payment, Crabtree thinks he deserves the maximum payment and his agent, Eugene Parker, thinks he deserves maximum because he wants to get as much of the 3% agents gets out of a player’s salary.  Speaking of salary how the hell is Crabtree living his life?  I don’t see any endorsements at all.  I am sure he has some sugar mama’s/daddy’s but one would think if this is all about money why would you sit out a season and miss out on millions?

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  • Tommy DeLoach

    I am sooo dissappointed with the young Crabtree. As a Texas Tech graduate I was sad to see him go because I know how much he contributed to the Red Raider football program, but he is doing nothing but making a bad name for himself on this whole issue. I am now embarrassed for him and wish he would stop being such a prima donna!
    As much as I want to see him do well, he has yet to prove anything in the NFL.

    Stop embarrassing RaiderNation! – shut up! sign up! and suit up!

  • eric

    crabtree must’ve skipped math class.
    if he sits out a year, how is it that he would have to earn a lot more to make up the missed year of earnings. Also, he is cementing his quickly growing diva rep. Why would he go higher a year from now? He confirmed the concerns. Guy is getting bad advice. I can’t believe his agent really wants him to hold out as 3% of this deal is a lot better than 3% of zero. Challenge now is for the niners to allow crabtree to give in without making it look like he blinked. gotta figure out a way to give him a small win. come on crabtree, prove your worth.

  • Aaron Alexander

    From what I read on yahoo and NBC Sports, the 9ers offered Crabtree 5 years @ $20 million with $16 million guaranteed. The guaranteed money is inline with the slotting system but the overall money isn’t (#9 pick was 5 yrs/28.5 mil and #11 pick was 5 yrs/25 mil).
    I ama part of RaiderNation just as Tom is and have been ashamed up to this point but if Crabtree is looking for 5 yrs/$27 million, then that is inline with the slotting system.
    I hope the 9ers and Crabs will work this out and get him signed so he can show the rest of the NFL that Tech produces NFL level guys.

  • Johnny Zubes

    This whole situation stinks. Niners think they’ve been given a gift when the top wide out in the draft falls in to their lap at 10 then get burned cos he feels he’s top pick overall.

    Maybe there was a reason he wasn’t first receiver selected??

    He’s now damaging his own reputation not to mention making the organistaion weaker by depriving us of a top ten pick player.

    This guy needs to see sense, sign a deal, put up elite numbers and then renogotiate an elite contract. He’ll still be getting paid more this year than 99% of the planets population!

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  • desqjockey

    I dont get it, you dont play you lose a seasons comp. and that will cost him +/- $7m, right?