How You Feelin’ Niner Faithful?

49ers Have Potential

49ers Have Potential

The last time the 49ers had a winning record and won the NFC West was in 2002 and now seven years later after enduring Terry DonahueDennis EricksonThe Joke Family, aka the York’s, the loss of T.O. (probably a good thing, but he ran the almighty Jerry Rice out of town), Mike Nolan and his brilliant number one draft pick, should we have a sense of potential for the 49ers in 2009?  Listening to Mike Singletary the team has it in them to be great if they give everything they got, here’s looking at you Vernon Davis, and if they play ever down like the game is on the line the 49ers will succeed.  But with training camp less than two weeks away I wonder as a Niner fan, how should I be feeling about the upcoming season?  Sure, the potential is there but we have heard that many times the last couple of years that this is the year the 49ers turn it around.  When you look at it our first round pick is a wide receiver which have not had a lot of success in the NFL when drafted in the top ten, we have another new head coach with lots of potential which has been earned but we need a stable regime in place, and Singletary is stirring a quarterback controversy between incumbent Shaun Hill and potential bust draft pick Alex Smith.  I don’t know what Smith has shown in OTA’s but I suspect Singletary is trying to put some fire under Hill to make him show he can be relied on as a permanent starter with some competition.  Our defense continues to be the biggest question mark and with Walt Harris out for the year the cornerback position opposite Nate Clements is up in the air between Terrell Brown and Dre Bly.  The 49ers only consistent coach has been defensive coordinator Greg Manusky.  He has installed years of defensive schemes led by Patrick Willis so whatever question marks the secondary might have the rest of the D could develop into a force this year.  The running game is cemented with Frank Gore and the return of fullback Moran Norris.  With young and improving offense lineman Joe Staley and Chile Rachal leading the way Gore will give the defense hell as Crabtree, Bruce and the rest of the young and fast receiving corp. exploit defenses.  Another question mark is how will our seventh offensive coordinator in seven years structure the offense?  Jimmy Raye has had success as a coordinator and is known as a great running backs coach but can he develop an offense that will be a staple of not only the Red and Gold but of the NFL?  I guess that’s not a fair question because I know we all long for the days of having a genius head coach in Bill Walsh and our team being known for the creation of the West Coast offense.  I think 2009 might be different.  I am not shooting for the stars but progress is the only thing we can make now, right?  How you feelin’ Niner fans?

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  • Lou

    This roster is loaded with talent;
    Bly, Clements, Willis, Lewis, Spikes, Lawson, Gore, Davis, Bruce, Crabtree…Are you kidding? We’re really a 7-9 team?

    But, you ask a very good question. I am not sure. I guess I feel good about our chances this year. Why shouldn’t I. Again, I know our team is loaded with talent.

    But, as always, it’s going to come down to QB play if we’re gonna win this year. QB play killed us last year; plain and simple. I really like Shaun Hill, but a lot of Niner haters are getting to me and making me think Hill is nothing. I know what I saw with my own eyes; and I know the haters did not. But, even some fellow Niner fans are also getting to me and making me think that Hill might not be the answer this year. One thing is for sure, I won’t be feeling good at all with Smith behind center; never have never will.

    I guess I just can’t wait for the season to start. How about you?

    • Eric Melendez

      I cannot wait until the season starts. I think the non-49er and 49er fans who do not believe in Shaun Hill have a point. He is unknown but is 7-3 as a starter. It has been reported he looks horrible in practice, doesn’t fully grasp the offensive schemes but on game day everything seems to come together for him. There are definitely pros and cons with Hill under center but the pros outweigh the cons. You are right Alex Smith is not the answer at QB, as a back-up yes but not to rely on as a franchise QB. Hill is not the long-term answer either but with the available QB’s out there he is the best option we have. Whether or not Hill does well this year, next years NFL draft is suppose to be loaded with potential great QB’s and the 49ers have extra draft picks so I see them drafting a QB next year to be their franchise quarterback. If Hill does well this year the 49ers know they can rely on him for another year as the new QB adjusts to the NFL.

  • Gary Mialocq

    This is the deepest and most talented 49er team since 2002. It actually very much reminds me of the situation in 1981. Obviously, the big difference remains at QB and Hill’s ability to continue running the team with poise and few mistakes is vital to the overall success. If he has a productive season, the Niners have the talent and coaching to go deep into the playoffs.

    • Eric Melendez

      So much of the success of the season rests on Shaun Hill’s shoulders. How he performs at quarterback will mean either success or failure for the 49ers this year. Any football fan knows the most important position is at QB. The Niners don’t have superb superstar under center but that is not what the team needs him to be to win the division and go past the first round of the playoffs. As you said we have the talent and certainly the coaching to achieve success. Hill has shown an ability to win games and shown he does not crack under pressure. Alex Smith has shown none of this and yet he is still being considered for starting QB.