49ers Take First Step in Move to Santa Clara

Santa Clara city officials signed off on a deal Tuesday night to build a 68,500 seat stadium 37 miles away from San Francisco for the 49ers. This is the first step in a long process but the fact that the first step has been taken shows the York Family are serious about moving the team to their team headquarters in Santa Clara. The next step is an environmental impact review and then Santa Clara residents get to vote whether or not the city should help fund a new stadium. The vote will not come up until March 2010. The stadium if approved would be open for the 2014 season.

I am against any move out of the city of San Francisco. Being a lifelong fan and recently moving to San Francisco factors into my favoritism of the team staying in SF. To see the 49ers play in another city without San Francisco as the home city would not be right. When the York Family first floated the idea of not only moving the team to Santa Clara but to any other Bay Area city, Senator Dianne Feinstein said “she would consider writing legislation to block the 49ers from using the words “San Francisco” or “49ers” in their name if they left the city. Her spokesman Scott Gerber said the senator is still studying the idea.” (Feinstein Acts to Thwart 49ers’ Possible Move) That was from an article in January 2007. Let’s how Senator Feinstein reacts with today’s announcement. From Senator Feinstein to Mayor Gavin Newsom to the S.F. Board Supervisors I bet all of them will finally agree on something: keeping the 49ers in San Francisco. To be fair to the York Family, although hard, the proposal from San Francisco City Officials was not all that great and did not do much to lure the owners away from the idea of moving out of San Francisco. The proposals were attached to too many stipulations. The first involved the current Candlestick location but that was attached to San Francisco getting the 2016 Olympics. Another proposal was tied to the toxic clean-up of the former Navy shipyard Hunters Point. The York Family balked at both proposals which led us to today.

Evidence that San Francisco City Officials will do anything and everything to keep the team from moving is that they hired former 49ers team president, the legendary Carmen Policy. Expect to see Policy’s face a lot over the next year as he tries to help the City from losing its beloved 49ers. There is also the economic recession to think about. It has been reported that the NFL fund for helping teams build a stadium has been depleted and there are no plans to replenish the fund. And of course the biggest block to the 49ers possible move is Santa Clara residents. There is a perception in California during the recession that any and all unnecessary spending is uncalled for. See yesterdays special election in California for proof. Come March 2010 when the voters will head to the polls how far out of the recession, if at all, will the economy be? Even if we are out of the recession and the economy is recovering, the economic downturn will be fresh on voters’ minds. I would think San Francisco will run an advertising campaign to keep the Red and Gold in S.F. If not I will be all for starting a campaign to keep the 49ers in San Francisco. What do you think? Share ideas in the comments.

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  • Niner Jeff

    Niners need to run, not walk, from SF. They can’t compete in the NFL with the shackles of SF around their neck, a virtual albatross of excrement. Remember when Matt Gonzalez almost got elected, didn’t want the Niners to sell naming rights to Candlestick park (a SF Parks and Rec Property) while the Houston Texans generated $300 Million selling the rights to Reliant Stadium. SF is not a business or NFL friendly town. Why have the Cowboys, Jets, Giants, Redskins, Seahawks, etc., etc. got new stadium deals done, but the Niners Can’t, even with Slick Willie was the mayor? San Francisco.

  • Doug

    I was born and raised in San Francisco, and the niners will ALWAYS belong to the most popular city in the world, SAN FRANCISCO. I understand the problems of Candle Stick, but face it, the SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS are one of NFL’s historic franchises and the NFL and would not want to lose money off the Niners moving to another city – Santa Clara. In addition, the name “SAN FRANCISCO” makes money, regardless of the stadium and why mess that up by moving to another weak ass city that uses the name SAN FRANCISCO and the city’s famous skyline in all it’s advertising to make money?! San Francisco is the bay area and the 49ers rightfully need to play in San Francisco, a world class city and an international destination. Everyone visits the bay area because of San Francisco, and the 49ers are a part of that tradition.

  • Eric Melendez

    I love it, one comment for and one against the 49ers moving. Both Niner Jeff and Doug make valid points. I think the 49ers biggest problem trying to stay in San Fran is similar to why the United States’ second biggest market, Los Angeles, still does not have an NFL team; No room for a stadium and no money to pay for it. The Jets and Giants were able to get a new stadium because well, the stadium is in New Jersey where there is more room than in New York to build. That and the Giants and Jets tried building a stadium in downtown New York but politics triumphed sports and the deal fell through. This is very similar to the 49ers and San Francisco. But the roles are reversed where it is the York Family not liking the new San Francisco stadium plans city officials came up with and threaten to move with city officials doing all they can to keep the team. (See former SF Mayors Willie Brown bond measure in the late 1990’s to help build a new stadium and the most recent efforts by current Mayor Gavin Newsom.) But it seems that no California NFL franchise can secure not only land but the funding to go along with building a new stadium. The Raiders and Chargers are both facing similar questions as the 49ers in trying to find a new stadium. But when millionaire and sometimes billionaire owners ask the public to help pay for the stadium city officials and the public balk at the idea. Teams then threaten to leave to a new city where they can obtain funding for their stadium. The owners are more concerned about the future well-being of their franchise than honoring the past and history teams like the 49ers have. I believe if the 49ers do move to Santa Clara they will be forced to drop either San Francisco or 49ers, maybe both from their team name. And who wins then? Certainly not the fans.

  • http://NinerNoise Mizg

    I was also born and raised in San Francisco. I have also lived in Santa Clara (from ’66 to ’71). And the distance from S.F. to S.C. is about 45 to 49 miles, and two counties away. The 49ers are my team , passion, and love. The team is as iconic as the Golden Gate Bridge, and you can not move the Golden Gate Bridge to another town and call it the same thing, because it does not belong there. The Yorks undoubtlty don’t understand this.
    As a citizen of S.F. i voted in 1997 for the stadium to be built here in the city. What if anything do the Yorks and the city of Santa Clara have to say to me? The Yorks never ever did embrace the city of San Francisco or its citizens like Mr.D did so i know they could care less. But my vote for the 49er stadium should have counted for at least the Yorks trying seriouly to work with the city to make the deal work. And yes I’m mad as hell at Gavin Newsom, because due to his personal problems he took his eye off then ball and screwed the stadium deal up.
    My last thoughts on the niner situation is:
    If the Niners play their games and practice in Santa Clara, you can’t call yourself The San Francisco 49ers.
    And if you do all of the above 45 miles away, and two counties away you can’t call yourself The San Francisco 49ers. You are no longer a part of our world class citys community.
    This is so so sad, but that storied franchises history will always remain in our city, San Francisco.

    • Eric Melendez

      And yes I’m mad as hell at Gavin Newsom, because due to his personal problems he took his eye off then ball and screwed the stadium deal up.

      This is a great point because even when he had his eye on the ball for a new 49ers stadium Newsom had it tied to San Francisco bringing the olympics into town. Now that the deal to bring the world games has failed the mayor seems like he is not putting as much effort to building a stadium and keeping the 49ers in town. Now Newsom is looking towards his run as governer of California. All he has been offering and continues to offer is rhetoric. We need action.

      I would be less against the 49ers moving if the York’s had fully engaged the citizens and truly got our input. They balked at proposals at different sites saying the fans experience will be ruined with transportation and traffic issues. How did he come to this conclusion? Did the York’s ask any citizens if they think their game day experience would be ruined by the current proposals?

  • raiderdude1a

    I understand how you guys feel…The point is the 49ers are losing millions of dollars staying in that ancient stadium..The raiders are also losing millions of dollars in oak’s dusty falling in stadium..The only way our teams can move foward is getting into an updated stadium and make the big money.It will also help the nfl grow as a whole.Its very sad when the citys wont fork over money for something that is sure to bring in huge amounts of money..Bad economy or not the nfl will still keep growing…We need our teams in updated stadiums asap…bite the bullet raiders and niners fans…G.Ardoin mellow out on the 45 miles away thing i live in maine and will always be a raiders fan…Thank you Direct Ticket!!!!Please dont become santa clara raiders…lol…no joke!!!sounds corny..

  • http://NinerNoise Mizg

    Item 1…If any of you San Franciscans or Santa Clarans would like to help out the loyal opposition to the Santa Clara 49er stadium deal. Please contact Bill Bailey of Santa Clara Plays Fair at(877)703-4300.
    Item 2…Cedar Fair the operators of Great America is not on board with the York/Santa Clara Pols on the stadium deal.Which is why they are contemplating a lawsuit. They would really like the 49ers to buy the amusement park, and hire outside folks to run it, which isn’t going to happen. The last time an amusement park teamed up with a pro-football team it was called Astro-Land, and it was located next to the Houston Oilers football stadium, which both may i add do not exist anymore.
    Item 3…Since the York Family has assumed control of the San Francisco 49ers what have they done right as far as the team is concerned? NOTHING! Santa Clara should be very wary of sweet deals from the Yorks.

    • Eric Melendez

      G. Ardoin, great information. I am going to post the number for all readers to be able to call to oppose the 49ers moving.

      The idea of the 49ers buying an amusement park as part of the deal is ridiculous. They can barely run the 49ers. What makes them think they can run or have some other outside group run the an amusement park.

      Great point that the York’s have done nothing for the team since taking over. The only thing they finally got right was firing Mike Nolan (about 6 months too late) and giving the reins to Mike Singletary.