Shaun Hill vs Alex Smith

Last year’s man under center Shaun Hill has to be wondering what he has to prove to be named the starter outright. In 2007 after Alex Smith and Trent Dilfer went down with injuries the next man on the roster was Hill. In a December 2007 game against the Vikings Hill came in to replace Dilfer who was knocked out with a concussion. At that point in the game the 49ers offense was non-existent. I attended the game and I remember being  more worried about how I was going to get my next beer the outcome of the game. Then a man named Shaun Hill entered the game wearing lucky number 13. I thought Shaun who? Nevertheless I didn’t care who he was because he got the 49ers offense kick started. Hill finished the game going 22 of 27 pass attempts for 181 yards and one touchdown as the 49ers lost the game. The 49ers won the next two games Hill started and he missed the last game of the season because of an injury. Going into the 2008 season the 49ers resigned Hill to a three year contract but he was not named the starter. Someone named J.T. Duh! Sullivan was named the starter because he had been with Mike Martz in Detroit. Apparently Hill is bad at practicing which is another reason why O’Sullivan was named the starter. If it wasn’t for Alex Smith re-injuring his shoulder in training camp Hill would have been number three on the QB depth chart. We all know how the rest of 2008 went with O’Sullivan and the man who made him the starter Mike Nolan getting the boot. After that with Hill as the starter and effective the 49ers finished the rest of the season 5-3. Hill is 7-3as a starter. How has Smith done as a starter? He has an 11-19 record.

To Smith’s credit he dealt with Nolan and his lack of coaching leadership especially when Nolan called out Smith saying he was not hurt as bad as he was saying. Also Smith restructured his contract to stay with the 49ers. A wise move on his part because no other team wanted to pay the remaining portion of his contract and San Francisco is the only place he has a realistic although small chance of competing and winning a starting job. If the 49ers released him he would probably still be a free-agent as there are still plenty of QB’s on the market that have proven at the very least to be more effective as a starter than Smith. I think GM Scot McCloughan still believes in Smith and his potential. But the 49ers don’t have the time for him to continue to develop. The Red and Gold need a proven QB as a starter.

In the end Hill will be named the starter. He doesn’t have the prettiest footwork for a QB and may not be good at practicing but he leads the 49ers to wins. He is at his best with the short routes which makes the selection of WR Michael Crabtree all the more better. Crabtree is at his best running the short routes in tight coverage where he can make a move around defenders. He is not known for his speed (which is why Al Davis passed up on him) but Hill is not known for his deep throwing arm, so a perfect match? In the end whether it is a big name starter like Tom Brady or a lesser know starter like Dilfer leading your team to the playoffs and the Super Bowl is all that matters, right?

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  • Odquest

    There seems to be a longing among some of us fans for a past that never was. We like to see highlights of the deep balls that both Montana and Young threw to Rice and others who got behind the defense, but seem to forget that a lot of “dink and dunk” 5-8 yard slants and quick outs, mixed with a consistent if unremarkable running game, set those rare deep balls up.

    • Eric Melendez

      I agree. With the addition of Glenn Coffee the 49ers have a running back they can rely on to rest Frank Gore. In the last couple of years Gore as been the only offensive force any team worried about. Opponents defenses will now have to account for Crabtree and the rest of the 49ers receiving corps. The 49ers may not have any house hold names in Jason Hill, Dominique Ziegler or Josh Morgan but with Crabtree and Issac Bruce one of the WR’s will make some noise this year. Shaun Hill and Crabtree will light the D up with their short passes and Gore and Coffee will draw the D closer to the line all of which will set-up the deep ball on a play action pass. It may not be Montana/Young to Rice but similar results will certainly happen.

  • eric

    I think you guys should star tAlex Smith all day, from a Cardinals fan point of view. Why? Because I think that Shaun Hill gives you a better chance of winning, now. There is something about the guy, a toughness, leadership qualities. A Singletary kind of guy. Blue collar and get the job done. We open against you guys the first game of the season and I will be Alex Smith’s biggest supporter. See you guys then.

  • five0

    i think that smith should get another shot because he could have gone with another team if he wanted to but instead he decided to stiwitthe niners so i think he should get a second chance