49ers Strong Again

Detroit Lions 13

San Francisco 49ers 31

The 49ers are off to a 2-1 start for the second consecutive year as they mauled the Lions 31-13. J.T. O’Sullivan and the passing looked solid again for the second straight week.  O’Sullivan went 16-for-23, 189 yards, two touchdowns with no interceptions…or fumbles! In fact the 49ers had no turnovers in the game and the o-line held up strong allowing only one sack all game. O’Sullivan did his best impression of legend QB Steve Young by rushing for two crucial first downs. Forget about sliding to avoid the coming defender, O’Sullivan dived for the two first downs showing he should be respected when the passing options breakdown. The 49ers handled the Lions the same way the elite teams of the NFL are suppose to. I am not calling the 49ers an elite team but to become one they have to score lots of points against the lesser teams in the NFL and not allow them to stay in the game. The 49ers sent a huge message to the Lions and the rest of the NFL to not overlook them as Mike Nolan decided against kicking for a field goal at the Lions one-yard line with a 21-6 lead. It was the fourth quarter but the 49ers last score came in the second quarter when TE Delanie Walker scored on a 24-yard pass. Normally Nolan would have gone for the field goal extending their lead a little more. But Nolan wanted to end the game in the early minutes of the fourth quarter and sent his offense back on the field. Mike Martz pulled a trick play out of his sleeves calling for a reverse with return man Allen Rossum. Rossum made a beautiful move to avoid a tackle in the backfield and ran for the corner of the end zone just making it inside the pylon for a touchdown and a 28-6 lead. Nolan might have been sending a message to everyone that he will not be as conservative with his decisions as in the past and he fully trusts Martz and his system. How could you not? Martz is making a strong case that the 49ers have more than just a rushing game and nothing will be held back this season. Frank Gore, again, was a beast against the Lions rushing for 130 yards with one touchdown and catching four passes for 32 yards.

The 49ers D was strong which was a little unexpected. I gave the Lions too much credit in my preview for the game thinking they would have a breakout game on offense. That was not the case as the 49ers sacked Jon Kitna four times and had two interceptions. The D held in check Kitna and receivers Roy Williams (2 receptions, 18 receiving. yards) and Calvin Johnson (4 receptions, 40 receiving yards). While the Lions were able to establish a running game with 116 yards, they found themselves down by two touchdowns early in the second quarter which meant the 49ers played off of the run and dared the Lions to beat them with their passing game. The 49ers D will need to put more pressure in the coming games as they face-off against some of the best QB’s in the NFL.

Other than a 3-0 start, this all 49er fans could have hoped for after the first three weeks of the season. The team has established it has a passing game, it has a quarterback who can make plays and the D seems to be getting better with each week. The 49ers looked strong against a very weak and disorganized team, but just because the Lions are one of worst teams in the NFL should not diminish a big win by the 49ers. However what could diminish the 49ers 2-1 start and make them start doubting themselves is the schedule for the next four weeks; @Saints, Patriots, Eagles, and @ Giants. The 49ers of course need to win at least half of the games to be considered a good team in the NFL and to stay in contention in the NFC West. Even if they only do get one or maybe even zero wins, they need to not get blown out in any of the games and will have to make big plays. No one is impressed with wins against the Seahawks and Lions, but wins against any of those teams will say a lot about the 49ers. Let’s not also forget the 49ers started out 2-1 last season and, well, you know how that ended.

Bill Walsh Field!

So I was watching the game yesterday and not only did they mention Bill Walsh Field (see previous post) but the Joke Family had an official dedication ceremony during halftime for it. Grant it the field was renamed before the start of last season when Bill Walsh passed away but good job Joke Family for finally having a ceremony and actually having a sign in the stadium that says Bill Walsh Field! Maybe the 49er Faithful can look over the fact that it was about a year overdue.

Next Up: @ New Orleans Saints

It starts…the toughest part of the schedule for the 49ers. Time to put-up or shut-up. We will see what this team is made of.

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  • username3000

    Yo eric, great story hoss!  How much more frustrating can this team make us?  Its almost like the same crap with a different year for the last 5 seasons.  I watch these boys week to week these days as I can never hope for anything more than that with this leadership.  I’m all the way on the east coast but I have to wonder… whats the temperature like out west with regards to this god awful team management?  From the top down… drafting our bust quarterback a few years back; then wasting a #6 pick on an alligator armed tightend… How many more times do I have to watch this human freak pull his arms back and scare away from a catch?!?!

    And please tell me how Mike Nolan still has a job on my sidelines!  I’ve seen this guy blow call after call and here it was again on Sunday.  I understand a ton of fans may be sitting at home up 21-6 and beggin this attrocious coach to go for it on the 4th and goal but come on bro… a FG puts the team up 3 scores.  Tell me every Niners fan didn’t gasp as this waste of space Allen Rossum barely squeezes in to the endzone.

    I cant deal with failure and mediocrity anymore. 

  • http:ninernoise.com Eric

    The 49ers always find a way to disappoint each season. They build up all your hope in the team, you listen to the “experts” last year say the 49ers are going to the playoffs and all we get is…disappointment. A lot of this has to do with the Joke Family who are more concerned about where they will have a stadium built by taxpayers as oppose to trying to put the best team on the field. They continue to fail each year especially brining back Mike Nolan and taking away his personnel decision making. Which was good but they put the responsibilities into the hands of Scot McCloughan as the new GM who was right there with Nolan picking Alex Smith and Vernon Davis. Nolan and McCloughan can pick great defensive players but they lack in the department of scouting offensive players.
    I think it was a good thing for Nolan to go for it on fourth down showing he trusts Mike Martz and what he would call. The reserve to Allen Rossum was a surprise, but maybe that was what Martz wanted to do was catch the Lions D off guard with a play to a return man. Nolan is so much on the hot seat he can’t even sit on it anymore so look for him to go for it more on fourth down this season. In his mind he has nothing to lose. In the fans mind they will say at least he took some risks as oppose to how he has coached the 49ers since he came to the team, which has been conservative.