Ace Ventura the Pre-Superbowl MVP

UPDATE: I just wanted to extend a warm welcome to all Farkers checking this out!

The NFL does everything right 50 weeks a year, but the 2 weeks before the Superbowl are possibly the worst 14 days possible. There’s nothing of any substance to talk about and worst of all every minor story line is magnified by 300 billion because of the amount of extra press that show up. It’s all about the non sports media that get ordered to come out and fluff out 1000 word articles about this that or the other. In honor of unimportant non sports stories taking over, I present the top 5 Superbowl movies of all time (with accompanying youtube clips). So get your netflix accounts ready, the list starts after the jump.

I must warn you that the NFL has managed to sterilize nearly all of these films of “Superbowl” related content, so most are only about Football title games.

5. Any Given Sunday – Fantastic cast but in a fictional pro football league. (though since Oliver Stone wanted to show the darker side of football he didn’t get an NFL license) Some of the best on screen hits & and it actually comes close to delivering the game of football to a film audience.

4. Where the Buffalo Roam – One of the best films about the coverage of the Superbowl by a non sports reporter. Bill Murray plays the now deceased Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson with the Superbowl as the backdrop for a signifigant portion of the story.



3. The Sum of All Fears – The all powerful NFL ensured that the football title game depicted would not be called the Super Bowl (since a terrorist attack on the game wouldn’t be a good P.R. move for the league). Although this film taints the entire Jack Ryan film series (by having Ben Affleck play Ryan), it still has Morgan Freeman in it and thus is a quality film.

2. Black Sunday – A movie by John Frankenheimer so you know it’s action packed. This film involves Israeli anti-terrorism forces stopping a terror attack on the Superbowl. The original novel for this was written by Thomas Harris (of the Silence of the Lambs fame) and the film adaptation is a action thriller of the finest quality that the late 70′s could offer.

1. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective – As you can see the options available were short on substance, and this was the cream of the crop! I’m not trying to talk shit about this movie, because anyone who saw this back in the early 90′s knows that this was a high level of comedy with Jim Carrey getting his first best role of his career ( a sad statement in his own right). With special Tone Loc & Dan Marino appearances, not to mention permission of the NFL as they use team names and logos.

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  • Jason

    Super Bowl is two words.You know that, right?

  • Drew

    Apparently a late night posting done while watching the latest episode of the wire yields major spelling and grammar corrections from da fan boys…

  • Boo

    Hmm.. why no Last Boyscout? I mean.. if Sum of all fears and Where the buffalo roam made it…..

  • Drew

    I wish the Last Boyscout could be included but it wasn’t focused on a title game, just football in general.  Great 80′s movie though.

  • http://None Mark

    Is this seriously the only football movies that take place in a title game?! Stupid NFL… How about Remember the Titans? Didn’t they play the final game in the State Championship?

  • http://None Mark

    Of course, I meant "Are these…"

  • Drew

    The problem is they have to be Superbowl (or at least thinly vieled references) related.  I.E. my favorite football movies are Neccesary Roughness, The Longest Yard, Brian’s Song, Rudy, etc.  The problem is that none of them tie in.  I’ll be making one of these for best football movies around the Draft and again around the 1st game for next season.  

  • Steve

    If we end up just talking about football media in general, the best "non-NFL" program was ESPN’s "Playmakers."  It’s a shame the NFL thought it was too realistic compared to the real league – what with its wife-beating, crime-ridden, corrupt players and front office executives.

  • Drew

    NFL players being violent and non moralistic people off the field?  That’s unpossible!