Sick and Twisted - The 49ers or this writer?

This writer has spent the past week fighting with every hack and cough to rid himself of this evil bug that is the 2 weeks before the Superbowl. Now some might blame this lengthy time between football games as the reason for illness to invade and prevent heavy doses of blogging. I for one hate this layoff and I blame it for me hanging at death’s door.

To be fair though I did wish for death on more than one occasion, and it was most often when I would read the gushing articles about how badly this writer or that one wanted to give Tom Brady a happy ending because he was the greatest QB ever. The fact that my hometown paper actually ran a column and accompanying poll on who was better (Joe Montana or Brady), made each bought with chest pain even worse.

It’s Thor versus Zeus.

Zeus, of Greek mythology, was the sender of thunder, lightning, wind and rain. Thor was the Norse and German god of thunder, and he swung a mean mjolnir (short-handled hammer).

This is where you get the big question: If it all came down to one game, which guy would be your quarterback?

Some might just say “Screw this, I’m not going to think some punk upstart can usurp that which is rightfully Joe’s.”, and they would be right. Let’s not forget that if Roger Craig doesn’t fumble the ball in the 1990 NFC championship game, Joe wins a record 5th Superbowl, against that awful (say it again awful) Buffalo Bills team that managed to blow it on Scott Norwood’s miss to end the game. That puts the 49ers at 6 Superbowl titles for the franchise record, and everyone else is just begging them to heal the sick and give site to the blind, let alone teaching a man to fish and all that shit.

Fuck Touchdown Jesus. It’s all about Superbowl Joe. No matter who you want to anoint to that lofty title, they can’t even hold Joe’s surgically fused vertebrae.

If you want to go all Tom Brady this and Tom Brady that, his tramp stamp girlfriend who won’t get out of bed for American dollars (euros only remember), think about this: Joe’s current wife was bagged on the side while married to wife numero uno. While TB has the super sperm to knock a chick up from across the country, could he pull off what Joe did and still be universally loved? Here’s Joe’s current wife Jennifer

Finally even with ESPN Jumping out of there seat to fellate Tom Brady with his gay Brady Bunch comedy skit bullshit the other day, there’s no way that a 4 time Superbowl winning QB could top this duo.

Fuck Tom Brady and his imported skank of GF & all his crotch luggage.

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