More fuel for the fire

It’s always rough to find stuff to write about, when it’s playoff time and your team has been on vacation since September. That being said it’s always good when your arch rival loses a big game on the national stage to a team they should have blown out. Yes, I mean you Dallas fans. Everyone always complains that 49er fans are the whiners, calling us FortyWhiner fans, etc. It’s a shame to burst that theory bubble, but everyone knows Cowboy fans are the biggest whiners out there. If it’s not the Anti-Cowboy bias in the media, it’s ESPN not talking about them enough, and when ESPN does mention them, they always bash them, and blah blah fucking blah…

I swear Cowboy fans (and Raider fans too) are really starting to sound like the people who blame the Freemasons, Jews, and the illuminati for orchastrating the global plots against America.

“It’s those Jewish* Bankers at ESPN who are plotting a one world government devoted to keeping the Cowboy/Raider fan down!”

*Note: I’m a Jew so understand that this an attempt to show how pathetic Cowboy/Raider fan conspiracy theories are.

For fuck sake, the Cowboys were called America’s Team (even if that implied that Americans world wide were inbred hicks who gave us the JFK assasination and a shitty soap opera)! How can a team that is on National TV at least 3 times a year (2 MNF games, plus a Turkey day game), with 2 former stars as NFL broadcasters (A certain former UCLA QB whose name rhymes fake man & Jay Novacek), the T.O. spectacular, the Botoxadon (evil owner who loses fights to Mecha-Godzilla during the off season), etc. be considered slighted, hated on, or bashed in the media?

Last of all Wade Phillips made a comment saying the “best team lost the game” this weekend, which is just screaming for this audio link.

UPDATE: More schadenfreude!  Jason Garrett has jumped ship from the Cowboys!  Now they have no heir apparent to the throne, and will now have to suffer through Wade Phillips and his ineptitude until his eventual firing by Zombie Jones!  How great is this?  This almost guarantees a few seasons of epic failure while Zombie finds the next big thing.  Oh and please please please please don’t hire Brian Billeck.  Whatever you do, don’t throw him in the brier patch!

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  • Inside the Iggles

    Cowboys fans are the worst! Cowboys fans in Philadelphia are called cockroaches. They hide in dark slimy places when their team sucks, and as soon as they go 13-3 the hats and jackets come out of the closet.Funny I havn’t seen one Cowboys jersey since they lost! I guess they all crawled back under a rock.

  • Drew

    I like the nickname cockroaches.  After the nuclear holocaust, the only things left alive will be cockroaches, Keith Richards, and Cowboy fans.  Maybe Jerry Jones, since he’s more machine now than man.

  • Godsfavoriteteam

    Does it make you angry that you two and me are the only ones that are ever going to read this? I looked at all the posts that you get (for iggles too) and there is absolutly no one that tunes in for your crap. Partly because your both idiots, your clueless about the world of football, sources have told me your gay and I can tell that both of you are closet Dallas Cowboy Lovers. The niners or what I call…the nobslobbers (cause there from San fran) went 2 and 50 or was it 61? on the other hand the eagles or what I like to call…the faggles (because there from philly) went 4 and 41 or was it 60. Combined yall lost alot right? Dallas or as I like to call them and so do you…The Cowboys went 13-4.  That is something to be proud of. This is what I want you to do and you will do it because I and the Cowboys own the both of you and your measzly teams. I want you to bad mouth me, I want a scathing negative post. Something hateful. More Hateful than you have ever been. And when you are finished I want you to realize that all  you have written only means  you LOve Jerry Jones, You Love The Dallas Cowboys and you are true Cowboy Fans. So get to work…NOW!!!! The more negative the better. Show me you love the Cowboys with your Hatefullness. Do it now!!!

  • Drew

    To be fair my mom reads this, so it’s not just 3 people.  I’m sure my site traffic is slightly lower than a grass growing webcam.  I wish it were closer to the holidays, because then I could buy you a dictionary, or maybe software with spell check.  I don’t think that there’s powerful enough gramatical software available to the public to fix your problems though.

  • Neal

    I guess I’m 4 now.  I only came here to see what kind of other team fan was desperate enough to post on a cowboys fan blog and include a link to more cowboy fan bashing.   Pretty pathetic to whine about fans from another team whining about bad calls from the refs.

  • Godsfavoriteteam

    Spelling errors and grammer? Thats what your worried about? On a piece of shit Blog for the nobslobbers. No wonder this team sucks to high heaven. Thats ok though, you did exactly what I TOLD you to do. You better keep it up you fucking bastard. This sort of hate is the fuel that is going to make you a fine Dallas Cowboy Fan. You may as well Change this to a Cowboy blog sight. For now on, Know that I will haunt you and everything you write. Ok your turn, spill your hate at me…NOW.  My little Bitch. Jerry Jones is your God now. Tony Romo is sitting at his right Hand and I am the Holy spirit. Bow to me! Pray that I let your Blog go on till next season.

  • Drew

    I don’t worry about anything non space alien invasion related, least of all your spelling & sentence structure.  As for my hatred of all things cowboy related, it’s taken a shot to the chest cavity as my dad is moving to Texas.  I’ll still have all the hate in the world for Dallas, but I’ll have to pull back from the hating the Lonestar state as a whole.  I do like your passion even though it’s misguided (you are the spawn of satan after all), though if you just realized how insignifigant your rantings are to me, maybe you’d tone it down and compose your postings instead of free flowing thought.  Just my 2 cents.