Gloating over the futility that is the St. Louis Rams & Atlanta Falcons

I’m a 49er fan so I don’t have much to think upon fondly (with the exception of a league record 5 Superbowl’s. We don’t let Dallas into that club because they cheat, and if there really was a God, there’s no way he counts that ’93 Superbowl), but what I do have going for me is a gangstericious sized case of schadenfreude towards other painfully awful teams in the NFL.

As this is a tough off-season for my own team, I’d like to take this moment to point out the failings of the St. Louis Lams and the Atlanta Falcons. The Lams have decided that because Scott Linehan called 75% of the plays on a team with an offense that was almost as offensive as my niners, firing the OL coach & the OC would be the best course of action. I’m sure hiring someone new to be Linehan’s whipping boy will certainly improve things in the STL. I suppose I could talk shit about them, or at least point and laugh, but I won’t. I think that any city that is near East St. Louis suffers enough. At least until they get swept by my niners next year. And yes, I’m hoping beyond all hopes that they don’t get Cam Cameron to sign up as their OC. If they do, I’ll be the one crying into my giant arch shaped pillow.

As for the Falcons, it’s bad enough that they had to go through the Mike Vick thing, but then they go and take a shit on Mike Singletary (who I don’t want to go be the Falcons coach, but am nice enough to wish him the best if he does), and everyone else hoping to cash a big Home Depot sized check. I will say that while it’s admirable that they want to implement a coach & GM style wonderlick test, there’s no way any big or even reasonably named coach/GM would want to apply for that job. What happens if they don’t pass the test? If they had a good rep before hand, now they become the retarded kid on the short bus wearing a Styrofoam helmet. I wouldn’t do it, no matter how big a check Arthur Blank offers.

Finally a small tribute to Stan Honey, the man who invented the yellow first down line for televised football. You’re the man Stan.

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